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El Dorado County Education Digest

Nearly Twice as Many Kids Since 2017 Are Being Homeschooled in San Diego County


Homeschool students in San Diego County are up by 88 percent since the 2017-18 school year, based on Washington Post data analysis. This tops an overall increase in the United States of 50 percent for this same timeframe.

Bay Area School District, Superintendent Clash Over Palestine Lesson


Oakland School District teachers planned lessons for students related to the history of Gaza. District superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell emailed parents and staff to say the teaching isn’t approved or sanctioned by the district.

Cal State Faculty Begins Walkouts Over Salary Hikes


The California Faculty Association is seeking a 12 percent pay increase, while university officials counter with 5 percent in each of the next three years.

Cal Poly Pomona Faculty Members Walk Out in Rolling Strike


Faculty at four California State University campuses are striking this week for higher pay as part of contract negotiations. Walkouts at the first campus, Cal Poly Pomona, began Dec. 4.

State Invested $53 Million in Teaching Low-Performing Kids to Read. Here's How it's Paying Off


In 2020, the state agreed to a settlement in a lawsuit that claimed too many students were not learning to read. As part of that agreement, the state spent over $50 million on 75 schools with the lowest reading scores.

Right-Wing Takeover of SoCal School Board Stirs Angst


Students and teachers alike are decrying the actions of the Temecula Valley Unified School District board, which became conservative in majority following the recent elections of three members. The board’s actions include banning critical race theory and mandating parental notification if their child is transgender.

USC Grad Students Avoid Strike After Reaching Deal with University


A graduate student workers union and the University of Southern California have agreed to a three-year labor contract that averts a looming strike. The deal calls for pay increases each of the three years.

California Schools Need Funding for New Math Guidelines


State officials passed a 1,000-page document in July outlining new guidelines for teaching math in California. Funding has not been allocated, though the state superintendent intends to introduce legislation that could change this.

School Board Members Who Banned Pride Flag Face Recall Campaign


Two members of the Sunol Glen Unified School District board have been served with recall notices. This came after the board approved a resolution that banned schools in the Alameda County district from flying the LGBTQ+ pride flag.

Geologist George Wheeldon Was a ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Guy


George Wheeldon, a legendary figure in El Dorado County education who taught science to generations of students, died Oct. 20 following a lengthy illness.

Backlash Politics: How Conservatives Have Success Rolling Back California Progressivism


Lacking power at the state level, conservatives are leaning into local governance to protest California’s progressive politics. The fight in Huntington Beach could be a harbinger of what’s to come.

It's About to Get Easier for California College Students to Study in Their Own Language


Assembly Bill 1096, taking effect Jan. 1, will let community colleges in the state provide courses in non-English languages, regardless if a student is also taking ESL. Previously, a student had to sign up for the latter to qualify for the former.

Community College Enrollment Rebounding Post-Pandemic, and Students Over 50 Are a Big Reason Why


California’s community colleges are seeing enrollment gains for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Older students—those over 50—are some of the first to return.

California’s Young Workers Are Essential to the Economy. Why are They Stuck in Low Wage Jobs?


Young people are stuck earning low wages, working long hours—often while going to school—and often without benefits or work protections. Their hardships may hamper the state’s economy for years to come, researchers say.

Israel-Hamas War Stirring Disputes on College Campuses in California


UC Berkeley, Stanford and UC Davis are among the schools that have had incidents related to the Israel-Hamas war. Schools are working to keep students safe and prevent disputes escalating to violence.

UC Berkeley to Relinquish More Than 4,000 Ancestral Remains


Tribes like the Muwekma Ohlone have been asking UC Berkeley for decades to give back ancestral remains from burial sites around the Bay Area. The school is in the process of repatriating 4,400 remains and 25,000 tribal items.

New UC Davis Research Explores Why Males and Females Respond Differently to Social Stress


Women are nearly twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but among boys and girls, the likelihood is the same.

Community College Student Services: An Urgent Need. But Has California Law Kept Up Since the ’60s?


State law requires community colleges to spend at least half their general fund on instructors. But administrators say they want more flexibility to pay for the growing need for student services.

If State Lacks Cash to Expand Cal Grant Program, Cuts to Middle-Class Aid May be Inevitable


Some advocates believe the state should expand the Cal Grant program for low-income students next year, even if that means pulling money from a financial aid program that benefits middle class students.

California Colleges Miss Deadline for Student Parents’ Priority Registration


Signed by the governor in September 2022, AB 2881 aims to help student parents in California by offering them priority registration. Advocates are optimistic the law will formalize data collection, allowing them to better serve this student population that represents 1 in 5 students nationally.

Antoinette Del Rio Champions Native Education and Empowerment


Continuing the El Dorado County Office of Education’s commitment support for Native youth and their families, EDCOE introduces Antoinette Del Rio as the new coordinator of Indian Education.

Students Gather Data Pool at Watershed Education Summit


After multiple years on hiatus, the Watershed Education Summit once again brought together local high school students, teachers and resource specialists to participate in a watershed monitoring project.

California Student Test Scores Remain Low


Despite an influx of money to counter learning loss during the pandemic, English language arts and math test scores remain low.

Colleges Take Steps to Weed Out AI-Written Application Essays


With the growing use of AI, campus officials are trying to set clear guidelines for college application essays.

New Giving Circle Supports High School Grads


The El Dorado Community Foundation has launched a Scholarship Giving Circle. Anyone can contribute and all funds collected will go toward scholarships at five local high schools.

CapRadio Hires General Manager in Closed Meeting as Sac State Denounces Move


Capital Public Radio’s board of directors voted to hire a new general manager on Oct. 3, but Sacramento State said it opposes the move for the financially troubled broadcaster and will not fund the position.

Cal State Student Workers to Vote on Joining Union


Student workers at the 23-campus system say their pay is low, their hours are restricted and they get no sick pay. They are hoping to join the employees union to fix that.

California Cuts Off Financial Aid to 120,000 Students Every Year. Here’s Why


To qualify for financial aid, students must maintain a certain grade-point-average, but many don’t. A bill on Gov. Newsom’s desk would make it easier for students to keep their aid and stay in college.

California Community College Enrollment On the Rise, But One Group Lags Behind


After a historic decline in community college enrollment during the pandemic, students are returning to school again, according to the state’s most recent data. But students between the ages of 20 and 30 are lagging behind.

El Dorado County Board of Education Gains New Trustee


Dr. Charles Ware took the Oath of Office and officially assumed the position of trustee for Area 1.

Cal State Tuition to Rise 34 Percent Over Five Years


The tuition increases were forecast earlier this year, when a Cal State task force concluded the system needs at least $1.5 billion annually in new revenue to afford student services and bolster its academic offerings.

California State Parks Offers Innovative Learning Resources


California State Parks has launched the enhanced PORTS: Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students website, an innovative initiative that connects K-12 classrooms with the wonders of California's diverse state parks through virtual field trips, live interactive sessions and comprehensive digital resources.