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Grass Valley Vice Mayor Hilary Hodge Addresses DUI Charge


The Jan. 10 Grass Valley City Council meeting started off on a difficult note for Vice Mayor Hilary Hodge, who was recently charged with a misdemeanor DUI. Hodge made a heartfelt statement and scolded the social media “skeptics” for their unforgiving comments.

Del Oro Theater, Sutton Cinemas Up for Sale


Buyers sought, but there’s no timeline set. “We are open and everything is business as usual,” says Sierra Theaters’ Azriel LaMarca.

Grass Valley Considers Monitoring Short Term Rental Use


Grass Valley City Manager Tim Kiser proposes using Deckard brand monitoring technology to track short-term rentals. Mayor Benjamin Aguilar says caps on AirBNB style rentals aren’t necessary yet. “STRs are not such a problem here—not like Truckee or Tahoe.”

Mill Street Modifications Move Forward


Modifications to the Mill Street transformation project moved through the Grass Valley City Council despite some concerns from merchants. The project is intended to create a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere, with restaurants and retail businesses expanding into the city right of way.

Measure V to Hit the Ballot


A simple majority in favor of Measure V will put a half-cent sales tax on the books in Truckee, Grass Valley, and Nevada City, according to a statement by Auditor-Controller Marcia Salter.

One Candidate Forum Shelved Over Public Safety Concerns


The League of Women Voters of Nevada County will hold one forum only for the upcoming November election, as many candidates for several races declined to attend. However, one forum—for Grass Valley City Council—isn’t happening “due to public safety concerns.”

Grass Valley Has a Pigeon Problem—and a Solution


Though docile, sweet, and some might say beautiful, pigeons have turned into a problem for Grass Valley business owners. Joy Porter of the Downtown Grass Valley Association said that many merchants and customers alike have are complaining.

Three Vie for Seats on Grass Valley City Council


The race is on for two open Grass Valley City Council seats in the November election. Matthew Coulter is running against Haven Caravelli and incumbent Hilary Hodge. Coulter, a regular commenter at public meetings, has been the subject of a number of restraining orders over the past few years.

Votes Have Been Counted in Nevada County


Nevada County officials have counted all the ballots, and certification of the local vote is expected by June 27. Voters cast 37,985 ballots, a turnout of 50.4%.

Grass Valley City Council Approves RV Park


A new RV park won approval by a narrow margin before the Grass Valley City Council. Mayor Ben Aguilar, Vice Mayor Jan Arbuckle and Councilmember Bob Branstrom supported the RV park. Councilmembers Tom Ivy and Hilary Hodge opposed.

Grass Valley Reveals Information on Data Breach


Grass Valley city officials have identified and addressed a data security incident. City officials say they took steps to secure the network, contacted law enforcement, and began an investigation with the help of a cybersecurity firm.

Can My City Pay Its Bills?


The State Auditor has provided data for each city and ranked cities by area. takes a look at the numbers in Nevada City, Grass Valley and Truckee.

Restaurants, Bars Once Again Face Pandemic-Related Problems


As COVID cases dramatically rose in Nevada County, the past few weeks saw many dining and drinking establishments voluntarily shut down in Grass Valley and Nevada City, either because of sick employees or out of an abundance of caution.

Litigation Dismissed Against the Dorsey Marketplace Project in Grass Valley


A lawsuit filed last August against the Dorsey Marketplace project has been dismissed by a Nevada County Superior Court judge, but the project itself cannot begin construction because the plaintiffs intend to appeal the ruling.

Grass Valley Keeps Cars Off Mill Street


The city first closed part of the street in response to the pandemic—a move, says Mayor Ben Aguilar, that improved the community for the better.

Alive and Kicking After 90 Years


Alice Short became became the ninth owner of Tess’ Kitchen & Culinary right as the pandemic hit. Yet she’s managed to keep the Grass Valley landmark afloat, thanks to her 40 years of retail experience.

Gimme Shelter: Sammie's Friends Marks 20th Year


Looking back on two decades of animal rescue, Sammie’s Friends co-founder Cheryl Wicks said, “It’s all been worth it.”

Grass Valley Celebrates Local Eatery’s History


After three decades of slinging biscuits, gravy and fried eggs, Paulette’s Country Kitchen shuts its doors.