Clerk-Recorder Natalie Adona


Natalie Adona won the June 2022 election for Nevada County Clerk-Recorder. She has served as the assistant clerk-recorder in Nevada County since October 2019, and has extensive experience in election administration, research, and policy.

According to her LinkedIn page, Adona specializes in election administration, election law, and voting rights research, and has experience working in local level elections. She is well versed in public administration, administrative law, and organizational management.

Adona received a bachelor’s degree in political science from UC Berkeley, a juris doctor from the American University Washington College of Law, and a master of public administration degree from the American University School of Public Affairs.

Notable quote: “Obviously, I’m happy with the result. I think that in Nevada County, we have a large diversity of opinions out here, but I think for the most part, people want to see government employees with experience, they want their elected officials to act professionally, and they believe in hard work and fair play. And I think that’s what I represent.” (Source: Bolts)