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Development Projects Planned Along Citrus Heights, Roseville Border


A long-vacant site that was once home to a popular nightclub in Roseville is now proposed for demolition, while several new drive-thrus, a theater, and a $20-million-plus investment from the city of Citrus Heights in roadway improvements are also planned nearby.

Bosch Plans to Invest $1.5 Billion in Roseville Company


German company Bosch is planning to buy Roseville company TSI Semiconductors and invest $1.5 billion to “convert the TSI Semiconductors manufacturing facilities to state-of-the-art processes,” according to a city press release.

Roseville Approves Tax Bonds for Community Facilities District


The Roseville City Council approved the Westbrook Community Facilities District Tax Bonds. Not to exceed $4,500,000, the bonds can be used for various amenities, such as drainage system improvements and park improvements.

West Roseville Residents Discuss Industrial Park


A public meeting was live streamed on April 12 to provide comments about the proposed industrial park in the Winding Creek neighborhood.

Kaiser Breaks Ground on Expansion


Kaiser Permanente has begun a $1 billion construction project that will include six floors of additional hospital space at its Roseville location. Additional beds, operating rooms, a pharmacy, and more will be included. The project is expected to be complete in 2027.

Roseville’s Development Services Director Talks Affordable Housing


Mike Isom, the development services director for the city of Roseville, spoke to Sacramento News & Review about how this fast-growing city can ensures there’s a supply of housing for current and future residents.

Roseville to Bank 44 Million Gallons Underground


The city’s actions are part of a regional strategy to adapt the water system to climate change by storing excess surface water for later use during dry times.

Proposed Roseville Industrial Park Raises Concerns


Panattoni Development Company seeks to build an industrial park on 241 acres of city owned property on Philip Road.

Roseville Council Approves Makeover for Royer Park


Royer Park, located at 190 Park Drive in Roseville, is getting a makeover to be completed by May, according to Park Planning & Development manager Tara Gee.

Parks and Recreation Resources in Placer County


In Placer County, there are many ways residents can stay happy and healthy. Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis and Lincoln each have parks that provide open space and recreational programs.

Roseville Council Approves Permit Modification for Industrial Project


Roseville City Council approved a permit modification for the North Industrial Plan Area Parcel 56, a project located in the Blue Oaks Commerce Center. It is owned by Schnitzer Properties.

Roseville Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt Thanks City Staff


Thanks to city employees, the mayor says, Roseville businesses and citizens have been fortunate to avoid the flooding or widespread and lengthy power outages experienced in surrounding communities.

New Names for Roseville Parks


Roseville City Council renames Roseville Sports Complex as “Mahany Fitness Center” because of an adjacent park. Brookstone Drive’s soccer field is now Roseville Soccer Complex. Antelope Creek Drive’s dog park has been renamed “Apollo Dog Park” in honor of former K-9 officer Apollo.

Roseville Designated ‘Prohousing’ City


Roseville is now one of seven California cities able to fast-track permits to create affordable housing projects, with 1,200 new units anticipated.

City of Roseville Offers Home Safety Tips for the Holidays


The annual hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here. Unfortunately, this also means a season of extra opportunity for criminals.

Roseville Launches Open Budget to Keep Residents Informed


Roseville has launched Open Budget, a portal with detailed data on the city’s budget and finances. “Open Budget is a cornerstone of our commitment to transparency,” said City Manager Dominick Casey. “This is important because as a full-service city with our own utilities, Roseville’s financial data is complex.”

Roseville City Council Approves Annual CAPER Report


Roseville housing analyst Kristine Faelz presented the 2021 Program Year Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report, which highlights work funded by 2021 Community Development Block Grants, provided by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Proposed Medical Respite Center in Roseville Met With Mixed Feelings


The Gathering Inn asked the Roseville City Council to issue a letter of support for a grant to fund a 30-bed medical respite center that would provide a place where homeless patients could recover from illness. Roseville Vice Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt said support was not forthcoming—“not because of fear … it’s just the wrong location.”

Roseville Adopts Strategic Plan for Parks, Recreation and Libraries


According to Roseville Parks, Recreation and Libraries Director Jill Geller, her department spent the last year developing a master plan for the next decade. The Roseville City Council has reviewed and adopted the plan.

Roseville Hotel Tax Moves Ahead


The Roseville City Council unanimously voted to put a hotel tax through onto the November ballot. The city currently has the lowest hotel tax rate in the region, and it has not been upped since 1975.

Homeless Project to Kick Off in Roseville


A new project developing in Roseville will provide a small step in the right direction in response to the city's increasing homeless issue. It will house 82 people at a time in central Roseville.

Homeless Programming to Receive Additional Funding


The Roseville City Council recently approved a resolution that will bring additional funding to four different nonprofits focusing on homelessness and housing resources. This is part of Roseville's Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program.

Roseville Hotel to Become Housing for Homeless


As part of the Homekey 2.0 program, the California Department of Housing and Community Development has awarded Placer County $23,516,978 for the intended purchase of a Roseville hotel to serve as supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Roseville Gives Thumbs Up to Funds for Affordable Housing


Roseville City Council members unanimously approved a reservation of funds of $7.5 million for the development of three affordable housing projects.

Roseville Introduces Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances


The Roseville City Council approved modifications for a zoning ordinance on residential development standards and a subdivision ordinance. The changes will make it easier for residents to build multifamily properties and to split their properties.

Roseville Highlights New Technologies at Local Libraries


These days, just having books is not enough. In a world of constantly evolving technology and instant access to information, Roseville’s three libraries have to keep up with current trends.

Developer Plans July Start for Roseville Housing Project


Developer Camran Nojoomi is looking to begin construction this summer on a four-story, 18-unit project with ground-floor commercial space at 129 Vernon St. in downtown Roseville.

Roseville Acquires Military Equipment for Police Force


Roseville City Council unanimously voted to approve an ordinance adopting a military equipment policy. The Roseville police will gain access to mapping equipment, robots, and other supplies that have not been previously available.

Annual Homeless County Completed for Placer County


The city of Roseville participated in a Placer County homeless count, which was completed on Feb. 24 with the help of local organizations. The count is required in order to receive funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Scott Alvord Sets Sights on Placer County Board of Supervisors Seat


Roseville Councilmember Scott Alvord has announced his candidacy for the District 2 seat on the Placer County Board of Supervisors. He has served on the Roseville City Council since 2016.

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