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How Laphonza Butler Reshapes California’s Political Landscape


Gov. Newsom's pick to replace the late Dianne Feinstein is set to be sworn in Tuesday as California's U.S. senator. She isn't saying whether she will run next year, but if she does, it would change the dynamics of the U.S. Senate race.

Labor Leaders Despair But Keep Pushing For Striker Unemployment After Newsom Veto


Newsom rejected Senate Bill 799, which would have paid striking workers California unemployment benefits after two weeks, and SB 686, which would have extended workplace safety protections to domestic workers, such as housekeepers and nannies.

Will California Republicans Liberalize Platform on Abortion, Trans Rights? This Weekend May Tell


GOP leaders and activists will hear Friday from Donald Trump and other presidential candidates before deciding whether to change the party platform on abortion and same-sex marriage.

How Democrats in Rural Northern California Are Growing Stronger


But these days, rural Democrats, in Siskiyou especially, feel surrounded by increasingly empowered conspiracy theorists, separatists, and extremists. They sense that grassroots organizing is more important than ever.

How California Lawmakers Embraced Hot Labor Summer


Unions won major victories this session on pay for fast food and health care workers, benefits for strikers and bargaining rights. Business groups say that labor has too much power at the Capitol.

Climate Bill Forcing Companies to Reveal Carbon Emissions Passes, Newsom Yet to Say if He’ll Sign it


About 5,300 companies would file annual emissions reports. The aim is to hold corporations accountable for the role they play in climate change.

New Bill Comes to Rescue When California Public Records Requests Are Denied


A bipartisan bill would create a state ombudsperson to intervene when public records requests are denied. But an advocacy group is concerned that it will encourage state agencies to go to court.

Sign? Or Veto? What Will Gov. Newsom do With These Controversial Bills?


The Legislature is approving lots of significant bills in the final days of the session. But the final call is up to the governor, and he isn’t shy about using his veto pen.

California Lawmakers Ban Most Hand-Count Elections, Targeting Shasta County


"Shasta County is not our own country," said Tim Garman, a Shasta County supervisor who opposed the hand-counting effort. "We don't get to make all of our own laws.”

Rocklin School Board Approves Controversial Gender Identity, Name Notification Policy


More than 100 people spoke for and against the measure during the six-hour meeting of the Rocklin Unified School Board, which voted to approve a policy requiring teachers to tell parents if their child asks to be identified as a gender other than their assigned sex at birth.

Child Trafficking, Fentanyl Bills Survive 'Suspense File,' Can Still Become Law


In rapid-fire votes in suspense file hearings, lawmakers determined the fate of hundreds of bills on crime, transgender students and more.

California Ballot Initiative Will Seek to Restrict Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth


A small group of activists want California voters to decide whether transgender minors should be allowed to receive puberty blockers, hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgeries.

Newsom Changes Mind on How ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ Funds Should be Spent


Gov. Gavin Newsom wants counties to spend some revenue from California’s so-called “millionaire’s tax” on the state’s homeless crisis. That alarms advocates for programs that are getting that money today.

This Democrat, One of California’s Most Powerful Criminal Justice Voices, Says He’s a ‘New Testament Kind of Guy.’


As the California Legislature reconvenes for the final five weeks of its session, the leader of the Assembly Public Safety Committee is under the spotlight. But Reggie Jones-Sawyer isn’t backing down.

Rocklin Chosen as New Location for Placer County Elections Office


Placer County is opening the new Clerk-Recorder-Elections Office, which will serve as the primary location for all transactions with the County Clerk-Recorder, on Atherton Road in Rocklin.

Republican State Attorneys General Warn CEOs About Consequences of Considering Race in Hiring Practices


Thirteen Republican state attorneys general have sent a cautionary letter to the CEOs of the 100 largest U.S. companies, highlighting the potential legal ramifications of using race as a factor in employment practices.

Porter Has Slight Lead Over Schiff, Lee in Race to Replace Feinstein


Rep. Katie Porter was the choice of 19% of likely voters, just ahead of Rep. Adam Schiff at 16% and Rep. Barbara Lee at 13%, a June survey by the Public Policy Institute of California found. PPIC also found that in the race for the White House, 50% of the state’s likely Republican voters support former President Donald Trump.

Why Did California Democrats Resist a Child Trafficking Bill — Until They Couldn’t?


California lawmakers tried nine times to stiffen penalties for trafficking of a minor. The latest effort appeared to die — until a social media campaign forced Democrats to reconsider.

California Is Getting a New Assembly Speaker


Robert Rivas tells anyone who will listen that his rise from farmworker housing on the rural Central Coast to Assembly Speaker is wholly unexpected. But many who have watched the Democrat’s climb from an outgoing high-schooler to a San Benito County supervisor to the holder of one most powerful political offices in the state are not surprised.

California Assembly Considers Plan to Honor Outgoing Speaker


California lawmakers are poised to consider HR 47, which would rename room 317 in the Capitol as the “Speaker Anthony Rendon Press Room.” The resolution highlights Rendon’s lengthy time as speaker—the longest since California set term limits for state lawmakers.

How School Closures Inspired a Campaign to Change the California Constitution


The arguments made by the Los Angeles Unified School District to fight a 2021 lawsuit attempting to reopen schools sparked a campaign to enshrine a constitutional right to a high-quality education. Let the politics begin.

California Budget 2023: Key Dates Toward a Deal


California’s state budget is the product of a multi-month, multi-step process that involves the governor, the Legislature, lobbyists, interest groups and the public. Here are the key dates along the way.

Placer Supervisors Board Authorizes County Elections Office to Implement Voter’s Choice Act


The Placer County Board of Supervisors voted to authorize the Placer County Elections Office to implement the requirements of Senate Bill 450, also known as the California Voter's Choice Act.

Let’s Make a Deal: Legislative Leaders Make Budget Pitch to Newsom


Democratic leaders in the Legislature unveiled their California budget agreement, but Gov. Newsom must sign off for a final deal. There are some significant differences with what Newsom proposed in May.

Rep. Kiley Visits Area Leaders, Presents Congressional Certificate to Lake Tahoe Pizza Co.


Congressman Kevin Kiley spent the day in South Lake Tahoe meeting with area leaders before recognizing a longtime business for its years of service to the community.

In Fight Over Digital Privacy, California Seeks to Ban ‘Reverse Search Warrants’


California is considering banning the use of “reverse search warrants,” which compel tech companies to disclose the identities of individuals based on the location of their phone and internet search history. Abortion activists call it vital.

CA Legislature Beats Deadline on Key Bills


The deadline for bills to pass their first house in the California Legislature has come and gone. Most made it. A few failed. And a handful of intriguing bills that didn’t pass may resurface because their authors aren’t giving up.

Which Big California Bills Were Shelved in ‘Suspense File’?


In their twice-a-year exercise, legislators killed hundreds of California bills in the process known as the suspense file. They included ones on abortion access, climate and homelessness. The state budget deficit also made an impact.

Placer Republicans Unanimously Back Candidate in Supe Race


Mike Murray of Rocklin won the Placer County Republican Party’s endorsement for a seat on the Placer County Board of Supervisors, which could give him an edge over rivals Dave Butler, a former Rocklin city councilman, and Anthony DeMattei, a member of the county’s planning commission.

Liberal California Is a Hotbed for Right-Wing Extremist Activity, Report Finds


California may be a Democratic stronghold, but it has also become a hotbed of right-wing, white supremacist and antisemitic activity, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL report found more incidents and collaboration between groups.

Kounalakis Running for Governor in 2026


California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis became the first candidate to enter the race to succeed Gov. Gavin Newsom as the state’s leader.

Loomis Town Council Decides to Appoint Treasurer


Rather than call a special election, Loomis officials have opted to appoint a temporary replacement for beloved Town Treasurer Roger Carroll, who was killed in a bicycle accident. Staff recommended a one-year appointment until the 2024 regular election.

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