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The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom educates young people about the importance of the agricultural industry and its significance to the state.

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If Californians Vote to Ban Slavery This Fall, Will Prisoners Get a Raise?


California courts have long upheld below-minimum wage pay for prison inmates working a wide range of jobs. A 2024 ballot measure that would ban forced labor could alter those decisions.

Guaranteed Basic Income Programs Proliferate Across CA


A mother picks up her son from daycare in Richmond on Sept. 26, 2022. Photo by Marissa Leshnov for CalMatters

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CleanStart’s Thomas Hall and Christina Granados on the Importance of Community Outreach in Clean-Tech Development

By Hannah Ross As Sacramento looks to build a more sustainable and inclusive economy, in part thanks to an influx of state funding set to...

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New Midsize Music Venue From Another Planet Entertainment Coming to Sacramento

By Lisa Thibodeau Sacramento is gaining a new live music venue called Channel 24 from Another Planet Entertainment, the producers of Outside Lands, which should...

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Business Expo Supports Residents

The 13th annual Rancho Cordova Business Expo & Job Fair on June 20 was all about supporting community members

West Sacramento News Ledger logo LOCAL NEWS
State Fair Here for 17 Days

California State Fair Honors the State's Agricultural Industry, with Much to See and EnjoyOriginal article published at West Sacramento News-Ledger

Carmichael Times logo LOCAL NEWS
Citrus Heights Grocery Outlet Kicks Off 14th Annual 'Independence From Hunger’ Food Drive

From Now Through July 31, Citrus Heights Grocery Outlet at 6059 Greenback Lane is Teaming Up with Sunrise Christian Food Ministry to Collect Food and Cash Donations

Sacramento News and Review logo LOCAL NEWS
Theater of Dreams: Sacramento’s Only Microcinema Is a Movie Buff’s ‘Dreamland’

By Chris Narloch Two entrepreneurs opened Dreamland Cinema in Sacramento in June of 2022, during a time when theaters across the country were struggling —...

San Jose Inside logo LOCAL NEWS
Newsom Hopes to Delay Minimum Wage Boost for Health Care Workers

A higher minimum wage for health care workers that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law is set to take effect in two weeks, but he is racing to delay it because of its potential impact on the state budget deficit.

Image caption: A screenshot from “Modern Times” (1936), Charlie Chaplin’s meditation on the vicissitudes of labor.
For May Day: A Temp Worker’s Oddest Jobs

They were odd jobs, but somebody had to do them. On International Workers’ Day, one peripatetic laborer shares his career lowlights.

Folsom Times logo LOCAL NEWS
William Brooks Students Ready for Hands on Experience With Own Business Fair

A group of fourth and fifth grade students at William Brooks Elementary School in El Dorado Hills are about to step into the business world for hands-on experience and experiential learning. They are part of the William Brooks PTA's inaugural …


Water is a human right under California law, but it doesn’t always work out that way.
Agriculture and Water Shortages in the State’s Breadbasket, Explained
There are many causes contributing to this crisis. And as you may already know, this situation really is nuts.
The cycle of crime and homelessness is escalating, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Homelessness and Crime in California: Even More Complex Than You Think
What causes the cycle of homelessness and crime, and how to stop it.
Thousands of homeowners have been kicked off their fire insurance policies.
California Fire Insurance Crisis: How the State Helps Homeowners
The state tries persuading insurance companies to cover homes in fire zones.
Moss Landing in Monterey Bay is the world’s largest battery storage facility for solar and other renewable energy.
Solar Power and California’s Clean Energy Goals
How the sun is helping push the state toward 100 percent renewable energy.
Owning homes is the primary way the middle class builds wealth, and an option no longer available to most Californians.
Is California’s Housing Crisis Making Inequality Worse?
California has some of the worst economic inequality in the United States. Is housing a cause? Could it be a cure?
Though life expectancy has declined in recent years, Californians still live longer than most Americans.
Want to Live a Long, Healthy Life? Move to California
Californians live longer than people in all but three states, but not all counties are equal.
They help feed the whole country, but life for California’s farm workers remains a struggle.
How California Feeds the Country
California, a state known for high-tech and show business glitz, is also America’s farming powerhouse.
Zoning laws tell you what you can and can't build on the property you own. How does government get away with that?
How Zoning Laws Shape California and Society
Zoning is everywhere, but is it a way to regulate development or a tool for social engineering?
How California reclamation districts turned millions of acres of wetlands into fertile agricultural land, starting in the earliest days of the Gold Rush.
Reclamation Districts: Turning ‘Swamps’ Into Farmland
From its earliest days as a state, California has been trying to turn marshes into productive land.
Long-duration energy storage, such as this thermal energy storage facility, allows renewable energy sources to operate at full capacity without overloading the power grid.
How California Leads the Race For Long Duration Energy Storage
For renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to be viable, ways to store the power they create are essential.
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