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Sacramento County Homelessness Overview

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The Northern California & Northern Nevada affiliate of Volunteers of America is one of the largest providers of social services in the region, operating more than 40 programs.

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Vice Mayor to Residents: ‘Be the Squeaky Wheel’


Citrus Heights Vice Mayor Bret Daniels, commenting on the cleanup of homeless camps near Sylvan Oaks Library, said residents should take full advantage of the city's reporting tools and new response team to help clean up the city.

New Shelter Opening for Area Seniors


A new 15-bed facility for adults aged 60-plus who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability will open soon through the county's Adult Protective Services.

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Image caption: Explaining California is hard work! But at California Local, we were up for it throughout 2022.
Explaining California in 2022: Our 10 Best Explainers of the Year

2022 was a year that needed a lot of explaining. And California Local was there. Here are our 10 most important explanatory journalism stories from the year gone by, from immigration to cryptocurrency to wealth inequality and more.

Image caption: Measure O would would allow law enforcement officers to clear homeless encampments, like this one in south Sacramento, even if there are no shelter beds available.
Measure O's Aftermath

The controversial Sacramento ballot measure that would allow law enforcement officers to clear homeless encampments appears to be on its way to passing.

Image caption: Dogs and cats will no longer be subject to cruel toxicity testing in California, under a new law.
California’s New Slate of Animal Welfare Laws

New laws banning toxicity testing on dogs and cats, and making rental housing more pet friendly are among a slate of new animal welfare legislation signed by Gov. Newsom in September.

Image caption: The number of people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento County has soared in recent years.
Addressing Homelessness in Sacramento

The number of people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento County has soared in recent years. What are the city and county governments doing about that?

Image caption: The cycle of crime and homelessness is escalating, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Homelessness and Crime in California: Even More Complex Than You Think

The links between homelessness and crime are complex, and the idea that unhoused individuals present a danger to their community seems to be exaggerated.

Image caption: An affordable housing complex being built in Santa Cruz County.
A Real Solution to the Housing Crisis

Gov. Newsom and the state legislature should consider allocating $40 billion of the state's $97 billion surplus to subsidize the building of low-income housing.

Image caption: The California mental health crisis is tied to both homelessness and rising crime.
California’s Mental Health Crisis: How We Got Here

How the California mental health crisis emerged out of the state’s history of deinstitutionalization and laws designed to protect the mentally ill, as well as the communities around them.

Image caption:
Getting to Yes

In which we ponder how to make things better in a climate of no.

Image caption: A Senate bill to create zoning laws that promote affordable housing has been met with protest in Santa Cruz.
Bill to Allow More Housing Meets Protest in Santa Cruz

A State Senate bill would allow quick rezoning for multi-family housing, as a new research study reveals the high cost of single-family zoning laws.

Image caption: California's homelessness crisis shows no signs of improving, despite significant new measures to fight the problem.
State of the Homelessness Crisis

California's homelessness numbers continue to rise despite new spending on housing, services. Here's where the fight to end the crisis stands.

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