Picture of John Freeman

Mayor Pro Tem John Freeman


(831) 623-4661


Now serving his second term, John Freeman was elected to the San Juan Bautista City Council with a mission to restore the city’s drinking water and wastewater treatment system. “I bring that experience and I also know the rules and regulations of working with these organizations,” the policy board member at Monterey Bay Community Power told KSBW. He has long list of accomplishments that include the city’s Code of Ethics, the Cannabis Tax, the anti-plastics ban, and non-smoking in exterior eating areas, among others. Freeman serves on numerous boards in both San Juan Bautista and Monterey counties, including the Central Coast Broadband Consortium and the Intergovernmental Relations Committee for San Benito County.

First elected: Nov. 8, 2016

Alma maters: California State Polytechnic University-Pomona (bachelor’s degree, political science/social science)

Notable quote: “Highway 25 is scheduled to be widened in the next five to seven years. I’d like to push that timeline ahead as much as I can.” (Source: KSBW)