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VNA is the only travel health clinic serving Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz and South Santa Clara counties with on-site flu and vaccine services by registered nurses. The hospice team offers specialized care for those facing a life-limiting illness, and the home health division provides cardiac, diabetic and orthopedic care.

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What to Do If You Test Positive for COVID at Home

As the omicron COVID-19 variant continues to spread through California, many are using over-the-counter testing kits. If you test positive, what do you do with your result?

(Jan. 6, 2022) → Read the full The Sacramento Bee report
CDC Changes Recommendations on COVID Isolation, Quarantine

U.S. health officials have lowered isolation restrictions from 10 to five days for patients with coronavirus. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said the guidance reflects evidence that people are most infectious two days before and three days after symptoms develop.

(Dec. 28, 2021) → Read the full The Sacramento Bee report

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More California children hospitalized in Omicron surge
Covid-19 hospitalizations among California's children—especially those too young to go to school—are the highest they have been since the pandemic began. Chalk it up to the highly contagious omicron variant, kids exposed during in-person instruction at school and other public …

Hollister School District provides KN95 masks to staff
The Hollister School District has distributed KN95 masks to all staff members as an additional safety measure in the wake of the surge in Covid-19 cases. The district distributed close to 3,700 of the masks this week to staff members. …

Authorities warn of ‘potentially fraudulent’ Covid-19 testing sites
Recent “pop-up” Covid-19 testing sites in San Benito County and elsewhere in California may be fraudulent, and authorities are warning the public. The county’s Public Health Services sent out a press release Jan. 13 stating its staff has been made …

Image caption: The Omicron variant spreads twice as fast as the highly contagious Delta variant.
What is ‘Omicron,’ and What’s California Doing About it?
Omicron is a new variant of the COVID-causing coronavirus that has now arrived in California and is causing fears of a new pandemic wave. What is it? Why are people so worried? And what, if anything, is California doing to …

Community partnership helps vaccinate San Benito County
The power of community outreach support between the San Benito Health Foundation and Youth Alliance is having a positive outcome in their outreach for a healthier community.  The ongoing vaccine outreach movement is a commitment to bettering the community by …

Image caption: Economists say that inflation is 2021 is the direct result of the pandemic.
How Bad Is Inflation, and How Can It Be Stopped?
Inflation is on the rise, with prices in some parts of California their highest in 13 years. Here’s what caused this round of inflation, and how can it be stopped.

Image caption: Kate Roberts, President and CEO of the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP); Rep. Jimmy Panetta; and state Sen. John Laird at the virtual MBEP “State of the Region” conference.
5 Takeaways From MBEP’s 7th Annual State of the Region
The 7th annual Monterey Bay Economic Partnership’s “State of the Region” conference covered a wide range of topics from child care, to the COVID pandemic, to folding houses.

Image caption: Cargo ship traffic has reached record levels at California’s ports in 2021.
Link Between Port Traffic Jams and Oil Spill, Explained
Here’s why cargo ship traffic has been dangerously heavy at California’s ports in 2021, and how the backup may have caused a disaster.

Image caption: The state's economic recovery from the pandemic has been slower than expected.
Why California Jobs Have Been Slow to Come Back, Explained
Extended unemployment benefits, the state's eviction moratorium and other COVID relief measures have ended. But people are still out of work and hurting in California as the recovery remains slow.

Image caption: States have expansive powers to protect the health of the general public.
The State’s Broad Power to Protect Public Health, Explained
Since long before the COVID-19 pandemic, states have possessed broad authority to protect public health, even to suspend laws and commandeer private property. Here’s why, and how it works.

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