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Cupertino Launches Budget Survey


As the state scrutinizes Cupertino’s tax deal with Apple, the city has launched a survey to help identify community preferences in the face of a potential 73 percent reduction in revenues.

Cupertino Prepares for Challenges as State Audits Apple Tax Sharing Agreement


Cupertino’s finance director is scheduled to provide the City Council with an informational budget forecast this afternoon that includes a potential potential 73 percent reduction in local tax revenue.

Cupertino City Council Removes Planning Commissioner


A Cupertino planning commissioner accused of harassing community members and city officials has been ousted. The City Council voted 3-2 to remove R ‚ÄúRay‚ÄĚ Wang, who was supposed to serve until January 30, 2025.

Cupertino Official Faces Calls to Quit


A Cupertino official who repeatedly berated city employees and harassed residents may soon be booted from a powerful commission. The city council will consider removing Cupertino planning commissioner R "Ray" Wang at its March 7 meeting. Councilmember J.R. Fruen, who was elected recently, called for Wang's removal last month.

Cupertino Mayor Addresses State of the City


Cupertino Mayor Hung Wei described the city as ‚Äúchallenging, progressing, promising, full of opportunities and evolving‚ÄĚ as part of her first State of the City speech.

Cupertino Council Addresses Grand Jury Report


Nearly two months after a civil grand jury report accused members of the Cupertino City Council of fostering a toxic work environment within city government, councilmembers concedes that, while some of the claims were inaccurate, the panel identified genuine problems.

City Seeks Input on Memorial Park Revitalization


As the revitalization of Memorial Park continues, Cupertino residents are being asked whether they want the space to focus on local gatherings or to focus on nature.

Cupertino Struggles With Housing Element Deadline


A status update given to the Cupertino City Council revealed the city is significantly behind in submitting its state-mandated housing plan.

Cupertino Introduces ‚ÄėPedestrian Scramble‚Äô Safety Improvements


Cupertino is implementing its first pedestrian scramble at the intersection of Bubb and McClellan roads beginning Jan. 23.

Cupertino Elects First Gay Councilmember


J.R. Fruen, an attorney and third-generation Cupertino resident, won a seat on the Cupertino City Council in a crowded race against seven other candidates.

$28 Million Deal for Sunnyvale Commercial Real-Estate


Ellis Partners made an $28 million all-cash purchase on a five-acre property along Highway 101 in Sunnyvale. Changes of ownership could lead to redevelopment‚ÄĒspecifically a forecasted 150,000 square feet of office space where 89.900 is standing now.

Cupertino Prepares for Nov. 8 Election


Local matchups include the race between congressional incumbent Ro Khanna and his Republican opponent, Ritesh Tandon, as well as an eight-way battle for three seats on the Cupertino City Council.

Great America Amusement Park to Close (Eventually)


Following the sale of the beloved local landmark, the prior owners will continue to operate the park for another decade.

Cupertino City Manager Resigns After Six Months


Jim Throop's departure marks the seventh position change in the last four years.

Cupertino Seeks Community Input in Future of Fine Arts Commission


The city of Cupertino is asking residents to help decide a new name for the Fine Arts Commission. The City wants a name that will increase public interest and align better with its set goals.

Cupertino Names New Public Works Director


The city of Cupertino has hired Matt Morley as its new director of public works. Morley, who assumes his new role on April 4, is a South Bay native with degrees from UC Davis and University of Phoenix.

Los Gatos Parks and Public Works Director Resigns


Los Gatos Parks and Public Works Director Matt Morley is leaving. The fourth executive staff member to leave in the past four months, Morley will become Cupertino ’s public works director. His last day in Los Gatos is March 25.

Cupertino Brings on New Commissioners for 2022


The Cupertino City Council made new appointments to fill vacancies during its Jan. 24 and Feb. 1 meetings. New commissioners will hold their position for a four-year term, ending Jan. 30, 2026.

Cupertino Among Cities Backing Initiative to Amend State Housing Bills


With several state housing bills going into effect on Jan. 1, Cupertino has joined a lengthening list of cities that support a potential ballot measure to take back some local control over land-use decisions.

Cupertino Seeks to Change Its Housing Reputation


Over the years, Cupertino has earned a reputation for challenging state housing mandates and downplaying the housing crisis. But some members of the Cupertino City Council say they’ve been unfairly singled out, and that things are changing.

Cupertino Welcomes New City Manager


Jim Throop was unanimously voted into Cupertino’s vacant city manager role. He will begin in January.

Cupertino Recognized for Program to Foster Political Engagement


The League of California Cities recently honored Cupertino for the city’s efforts to get young people engaged in politics. It was one of 11 California cities recognized.

City of Cupertino Launches Engagement Platform


Cupertino has built Engage Cupertino, an online platform for capturing feedback and informing the public about city policies, programs and projects around the community.

City of Cupertino Appoints Interim City Manager


In addition to selecting Greg Larson to take over as interim city manager on July 14, the city also announced the appointment of Chris Jensen as the new in-house city attorney.

Cupertino Tackles Housing Issue With Survey, Community Roundtable


Noting that ‚Äúincreasing the quantity, range, and diversity of housing options will be integral to the community‚Äôs success,‚ÄĚ the City of Cupertino has begun a month-long survey seeking input from residents.

West Valley Seniors Get Ticket to RYDE


Senior residents in five Santa Clara County municipalities will soon benefit from an expansion of Reach Your Destination Easily (RYDE), which provides transportation to people over 65.

Cupertino City Manager Deb Feng Resigns


According to a message sent from her city email address on May 26, Cupertino City Manager Deb Feng has given her 30-day notice.

Cupertino Council Adopts New Development Rules Despite Warnings


In a attempt to mitigate Cupertino‚Äôs past problems with affordable housing production, the council tried to skirt state laws in favor of its own legislation‚ÄĒpotentially opening itself up to legal action.

Parents Lead Recall Efforts Against South Bay School Boards


Political pressure is rising against local trustees, with a few recall notices issued in the past week. One of the biggest pushes is against Cupertino Unified School District trustees.

More Than 100 Rally to Demand School Reopenings


The intersection of De Anza and Stevens Creek boulevards became the site of a rally on March 5 to demand in-person instruction in Cupertino Union School District schools.

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