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Santa Clara Residents Blast Homeless Housing Plan


Dozens of Santa Clara residents weighed in on a proposed supportive housing development for homeless people, with the majority against the idea. The proposed development, at the corner of Benton Street and Lawrence Expressway, would include between 80 to 120 transitional homes.

San Bruno City Manager Heading to Santa Clara


The Santa Clara City Council appointed Jovan D. Grogan as City Manager on a 4-1 vote. Grogan, currently San Bruno’s city manager, will assume his new duties on May 1.

New City Attorney Takes Over in Santa Clara


Glen Googins, Santa Clara’s new city attorney, will be able to hit the ground running with extensive experience in municipal real estate transactions, entertainment venues and public-private partnerships.

Should Santa Clara Stop Electing Its Police Chief?


A decades-old debate has resurfaced: how Santa Clara should choose its police chief. The city is unique in electing its chief by popular vote, but some Santa Clara councilmembers say the system forces the public to choose from a shallow, underqualified candidate pool.

Santa Clara Brings Back Parking Permit Enforcement


Santa Clara residents will need permits again to park in overcrowded areas, including neighborhoods near the Alameda, Levi's Stadium and Rivermark Plaza. The city stopped enforcing permit requirements during the pandemic due to city staffing issues.

These Projects Could Reshape Silicon Valley Next Year


As the region emerges from the effects of the pandemic, development on major projects continues to move forward. Here are some of the notable developments and policies to keep an eye on in 2023.

Santa Clara Approves Controversial Affordable Housing Project


After considerable pushback from residents and uncertainty among Santa Clara councilmembers, city leaders are greenlighting a multifamily housing project on Civic Center Drive. The Santa Clara City Council voted 6-1 to build the five-story project with 108 affordable units managed by Charities Housing. Councilmember Kevin Park was the lone dissenter.

Santa Clara to Update Public Outreach Policy


The city of Santa Clara is updating its public outreach policy for planning and redevelopment applications and is asking for community input.

Santa Clara Voters Say Yes to Higher Business Taxes


An overhaul of Santa Clara’s business tax that could help the city patch a budget hole appears on its way to victory at the polls. Nearly 60% of votersare supporting Measure H in early election returns.

City of Santa Clara Election Roundup


Santa Clara’s mayor and city council will face issues ranging from affordable housing and new development to a $20 million budget deficit and the ongoing turbulent relationship between the City and 49ers owner Jed York over Levi’s Stadium management.

Santa Clara City Council Candidates Speak Up


The influence of the 49ers, questions of housing, the budget, and live music at Levi’s Stadium are hot topics at a forum for SC City Council candidates.

SC Mayor Candidate Becker Faces Threats


Santa Clara mayoral race roiled with homophobic slurs and death threats against councilman Anthony Becker.

Santa Clara Police Chief Pushes D.A. to Investigate City Council


Santa Clara Police Chief Pat Nikolai is calling on the district attorney to investigate the findings of a newly released civil grand jury report that accuses Santa Clara City Council members of serving the interests of the 49ers and potentially breaking city and state ethics laws.

Santa Clara Institutes New Rules for Electrification


Santa Clara’s new Reach Codes are now in effect. These building and transportation requirements surpass California regulations, restricting the use of natural gas and mandating that all new buildings use electricity as their primary energy source.

Mayor Highlights Budget, City Growth


As Santa Clara faces ongoing economic struggles exacerbated by the pandemic, the city’s mayor on Saturday presented a brighter vision for the future during her first in-person State of the City address

Santa Clara Mayor, School District May Have Skirted State Labor Laws


Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor’s property management company and a local school district appear to have violated state labor laws by failing to pay prevailing wages to contractors at an affordable housing site for teachers, a San JosĂ© Spotlight investigation has found.

Councilmember Says He’ll Run Against Mayor Lisa Gillmor


Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker, who represents District 6, plans to run against six-year incumbent Mayor Lisa Gillmor in November if she seeks reelection.

Great America Amusement Park to Close (Eventually)


Following the sale of the beloved local landmark, the prior owners will continue to operate the park for another decade.

Santa Clara Seeks Community Input in Hiring Next City Manager


The City has released a community survey designed to gather resident input on the hiring of the person who oversees day-to-day City government operations according to priorities established by the Council.

Discuss Intersection and Bicycle Improvement Plans in Santa Clara on June 1


Santa Clara will hold a virtual community meeting on June 1 to hear about potential bicycle and intersection improvements near the Civic Center.

Santa Clara Approves State-Funded Senior Complex


State-issued bonds will fund an 80-apartment complex for low-income seniors, half of which will be formerly homeless. The Santa Clara City Council unanimously approved the housing development, to be located at 3333 Kifer Road.

Santa Clara Brings on Temporary City Manager


After more than a month without a city manager, Santa Clara officials voted 5-2 to name Rajeev Batra as interim city manager—the second time he’s filled the position on a temporary basis. Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilmember Kathy Watanabe opposed the decision.

City Council Behavior Cited Among Employees’ Reasons for Quitting


Chris Jackson, the president of Unit 9—which represents unclassified managers for the city of Santa Clara—told the council that a recent survey found employees “frustrated and disheartened” by the council’s inability to “respectfully work with city management.”

Santa Clara Mayor Part of an Empire


Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor might not be the mayor of the largest Bay Area city, but her power and influence reaches far beyond due to her real estate holdings and other assets.

Santa Clara Residents Block Transitional Housing Project


While Santa Clara City Council members were in favor of it, a transitional housing project on White Oak Lane will now be canceled due to a record-breaking number of objections from city residents.

SCPD to Increase Police Presence Through License Plate Readers


The Santa Clara Police Department has announced plans to ask the City Council to bump the number of license place readers throughout the city from four to ten.

Bloom Energy Takes City of Santa Clara to Court


After filing an initial lawsuit over the summer, Bloom Energy amended the suit Oct. 6 to include more details in its dispute with Santa Clara over limits to use of its fuel cell boxes.

Santa Clara City Attorney Firing Shows Shift in Power Dynamic


The firing of Santa Clara city attorney Brian Doyle leaves the city poised for major political changes, including a shift in its divisive relationship with the San Francisco 49ers.

Santa Clara City Council Considers Voter-Driven Salaries


In response to a written petition, the Santa Clara City Council voted to consider at some future point a ballot measure to make councilmembers full-time salaried employees.

Santa Clara City Council Fires City Attorney Brian Doyle ‘for No Cause’


The Santa Clara City Council voted 5-2 behind closed doors to fire City Attorney Brian Doyle “for no cause,” ending months of speculation.

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Senior Advisory Commission Meeting
Monday March 27 2023   10:00 AM

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Monday March 27 2023   4:00 PM

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