Los Altos Hills Considers Broadband Expansion


In its April 15 meeting, the Los Altos Hills Town Council considered using ARPA funds to expand broadband infrastructure.

Los Altos Drops Police Services Talks with Los Altos Hills


The majority of the Los Altos City Council agreed that going further in the process to determine the feasibility of such a partnership would involve too much staff time and perhaps cause more headaches when having to answer to a community with different priorities.

Los Altos Hills Council Opts to Keep City Manager


Despite a recent uprising of residents calling for his job, Los Altos Hills Mayor Linda Swan said last week that Peter Pirnejad has the unanimous backing of the City Council and will continue to serve as city manager.

Los Altos Hills Council Drops ‘Historic’ Designation on House


Los Altos Hills City Council members voted unanimously to remove 12871 Atherton Ct. from the town’s “inventory of historic sites and structures,” after current owner Anthony Scott told the council he could not sell the 1910-era house otherwise.

State of Cities Set for Friday Luncheon


The mayors of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills will be holding their annual State of the Cities luncheon on May 5 at 11am. Besides the two mayors, the Santa Clara County Supervisor is expected to make a speech along with other government representatives.

2022: The Year in Review


The year was transitional and eventful, with land-use matters dominating local news. Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View all struggled to produce updated housing elements that included significant increases in the number of mandated new units.

Incumbents to Face Little Competition in Upcoming Council Elections


In Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View council elections, two out of three cities will see competitive races. In Los Altos Hills, only Mayor George Tyson and Councilmember Kavita Tankha declared their intent to run. With two seats open on the five-member council, the incumbents will win by default.

Los Altos Hills Approves Criteria for License Plate Reader Program


The Los Altos Hills City Council approved the review criteria for its automatic license plate reader pilot program. The effectiveness of the program will be analyzed based on data collected over the next 30 days.

SB-9 Applications Already Filed in Three Peninsula Cities


Since Senate Bill 9 took effect Jan. 1, mandating that cities must allow property owners to split their lots, Mountain View has seen two applications, while Los Altos and Los Altos Hills each received one.

Los Altos Hills Declares Water Emergency


A water emergency has been declared for Los Altos Hills, with a series of mandatory restrictions being implemented immediately.

Los Altos Hills to Take Climate Action


The Los Altos Hills City Council is considering climate action with a goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 52 percent in the next nine years.

Development Plans Continue for the North 40s in Los Gatos


Phase II of development for the North 40s kicked off at the first in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic. While the plan was once to put in a shopping mall, the vision has changed and the project is still in the listening phase to include input from residents.

County Approves License Plate Reader Policy


Albeit with some reluctance, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved widespread usage of automatic license plate readers in the town of Los Altos Hills.

Tussle Over Oak May Lead to Greater Tree Protections in Los Altos Hills


For years, Los Altos Hills citizens have lobbied to expand the town’s heritage tree ordinance to protect more trees. Last year’s attempt failed, but the movement is gaining momentum, thanks in part to a single oak.

Los Altos Hills Residents Fight Fencing on Former Fenwick Estate


Plans for turning 42 acres of open space into an agricultural operation remain on hold until the new owners provide a more detailed plan about their intentions. Residents cited potential impacts on wildlife and “the town’s open, natural beauty.”

Residents Demand Role in Los Altos Hills City Manager Search


Several Los Altos Hills residents who participated in a listening session with executive recruiter Gary Phillips want to create a panel that will advise the Los Altos Hills City Council on applicants for the city manager position.

Los Altos Hills City Manager’s Contract Extended


Los Altos Hills City Manager Carl Cahill, who recently announced his retirement, will remain at his post through Oct. 29, the city council decided in a split 3-2 vote.

Annual ‘Running of the Goats’ Hits the Hills


Any wildfires near Los Altos Hills’ Byrne Preserve will have less vegetation to fuel their fury, thanks to an army of some 400 goats that recently munched their way through the dry grasses there.

Los Altos Hills Council Decrees a No-Drone Zone


Powered model vehicles, including drones and remote-control cars, are not welcome at Byrne Preserve in Los Altos Hills.

Website Airs Grievances Over Garbage Contract, Town Hall Expansion


A Los Altos Hills group that includes the husband of a sitting councilmember has launched a campaign against city staff via a website that one civic volunteer called “a disruptive and destructive effort.”

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