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Spike in Abandoned Huskies Leaves Many in Need of Adoption

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA is experiencing a large spike in the number of husky and husky-mix dogs available for adoption. The animals appear to be the latest in a long history of animals made popular by pop culture.

(Sept. 27, 2022) → Read the full Palo Alto Online report
The Facts Behind a Mass Die-Off of Bay Area Fish

One of the Bay Area’s largest algae blooms could intensify with the arrival of the longest, most intense heat wave of the year—creating conditions that could kill even more fish across the San Francisco Bay, experts say.

(Aug. 29, 2022) → Read the full The Mercury News report
More Birds with Avian Flu Found in Northern California

More avian flu outbreaks have been reported, including a backyard flock of chickens in Sacramento County and a large outbreak among 1,500 privately owned birds in Butte County. The Butte County discovery prompted a declaration of a “local health emergency.”

(Aug. 18, 2022) → Read the full The Sacramento Bee report
Smoke from Wildfires Puts Cats at Risk of Deadly Blood Clots

Dr. Ronald Li, a veterinarian at UC Davis, treated 23 cats rescued from the Tubbs fire in 2017. In addition to the expected traumatic injuries, something else caught Li’s attention. “We noticed clots forming within their hearts,” he said. “But at that time, we didn’t know why.”

(July 27, 2022) → Read the full Santa Cruz County Sentinel report
Monarch Butterflies Now Listed as Endangered

The monarch butterfly has been placed on the endangered list because of its dwindling numbers. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature added the migrating insect for the first time to its “red list” of threatened species.

(July 21, 2022) → Read the full KSBW NBC/ABC report
Marine Mammal Center Is Back After Getting an Overhaul

Caring for animals rescued along 600 miles of coastline from Mendocino County to San Luis Obispo County, the Marine Mammal Center just ended its longest public closure since its founding in 1973.

(June 7, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
Goats Go Grazing, Prevent Hills From Blazing

The perimeter of Los Altos Hills’ Byrne Preserve added temporary residents to its habitat last week with an annual visit from a herd of approximately 400 grazing goats.

(May 17, 2022) → Read the full Los Altos Town Crier report
Officials Mark Highway 17 Wildlife Undercrossing Construction

A dangerous bend on Highway 17 in Los Gatos, dubbed Laurel Curve, is notoriously deadly for wildlife attempting to cross the busy throughway. But after a decade of prep, work has begun on a wildlife underpass for at-risk species, such as mountain lions.

(April 29, 2022) → Read the full Santa Cruz County Sentinel report
What to Do When You Find Juvenile Wildlife

Spring is here, which brings with it wildlife youngsters. Many people who come across young animals may think they are abandoned or injured. This is most often not the case.

(April 22, 2022) → Read the full Benito Link report
Poll Shows High Speed Rail Support Despite Rising Costs

Backers of California’s High Speed Rail project haven’t had much to celebrate, given soaring costs and scaled-back service, but a new poll shows a solid majority of voters still want to move forward and finish the job.

(April 14, 2022) → Read the full The Mercury News report
When Wildfires Ravage Forests, What Happens to the Animals?

California’s wildfires have been burning hotter and longer. Cal Fire keeps records of acres burned, structures destroyed and human lives lost, but there are no records of how many animals die or are injured by wildfires.

(Feb. 22, 2022) → Read the full Comstock's Magazine report
Los Altos Council Sticks With McKenzie Dog Park Plans

The Los Altos City Council has approved two fenced-in dog parks for north and south Los Altos, including a location at McKenzie Park that raised opposition from nearby residents.

(Feb. 15, 2022) → Read the full Los Altos Town Crier report
Flock of Turkeys Wreaking Havoc at NASA Ames Center

Almost two dozen turkeys have taken over the NASA Ames Center in Mountain View, forcing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to attempt to trap and relocate the birds.

(Feb. 8, 2022) → Read the full The Mercury News report
Rescue Group Purchases Van to Spay/Neuter

Whis-Purr Cat Rescue has purchased a van to perform spay-neuter surgeries, allowing more cats to become adoptable.

(Dec. 24, 2021) → Read the full report
Mountain Lion Responsible for Deer Death

A mountain lion is considered to be responsible for a deer that was found dead in east Morgan Hill. It is considered to be a rare occurrence, as mountain lions are notoriously reclusive.

(Dec. 3, 2021) → Read the full Morgan Hill Times report
Executive Director of Pets in Need Resigns

Pets in Need executive director Al Mollica has resigned, following some of his employees being accused of animal cruelty.

(Nov. 18, 2021) → Read the full Daily Post report
Animal Nonprofit Group Cuts Ties With Palo Alto

Pets in Need, a local organization benefiting animals, is cutting ties with the city of Palo Alto over what the group claims is a breach of contract. This means the group will no longer operate the Palo Alto animal shelter.

(Nov. 16, 2021) → Read the full Palo Alto Online report
Roadkill Report Reveals Most Dangerous Highways for Wildlife

An annual “roadkill report” recently released named California’s hot spots for wildlife and vehicle collisions. Two of the worst? Highway 49 and Interstate 280.

(Nov. 10, 2021) → Read the full YubaNet report
$10M Donation Made to Humane Society

The Humane Society of Silicon Valley has received a $10M donation from a Los Altos couple. The funds will be put toward a mobile vet service, which will offer free and low-cost veterinary care to the region’s animals.

(Oct. 20, 2021) → Read the full San Jose Inside report
Hillview Off-Leash Dog Hours May Be Extended

The Los Altos City Council is voting this week to decide whether dogs visiting Hillview Baseball Complex can enjoy longer off-leash hours as part of a new pilot program.

(Sept. 22, 2021) → Read the full Los Altos Town Crier report
Will the Wolf Survive?

Kent Laudon, California’s wolf biologist, had been watching the Dixie Fire burn through the Lassen Pack’s home range, wondering how many wolves had survived. On Aug. 25, he got his answer.

(Aug. 26, 2021) → Read the full The Sacramento Bee report
Firefighting Goats in Morgan Hill

A shepherd and 150 goats are clearing land to create defensible space near El Toro Mountain.

(July 14, 2021) → Read the full Morgan Hill Times report
Cat Scam: Mountain View Woman Shares Her Story

About a month ago, Kim Henrie started looking for a companion for her two adult cats. Instead, she was allegedly bilked out of $770.

(May 19, 2021) → Read the full Los Altos Town Crier report
Spate of South County Bird Deaths Raise Concern

Bird deaths in rural Santa Clara County have been linked to a chemical found in rodenticides, prompting environmental health officials to reach out to property owners to make sure they are applying the poisons safely.

(May 17, 2021) → Read the full San Jose Inside report
Pet Parade Returns With Pandemic Precautions

A tradition since 1947, the Los Altos Kiwanis Club Pet Parade returns on May 15, with participants keeping their social distance by staying in their vehicles.

(April 21, 2021) → Read the full Los Altos Town Crier report
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