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This Bay Area-based organization empowers South Asian survivors of domestic violence. Its larger mission is to promote women’s independence, economic empowerment, and well-being by helping survivors with advocacy, support, and education.

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Why It’s Taken So Long for the Golden Gate Bridge to Get a Protective Barrier


Workers are in the final stages of a long, $217 million project: Install a protective barrier at the Golden Gate Bridge. Roughly 2,000 people have died by suicide jumping from the bridge since it opened in 1937.

Library to Host Fentanyl Education, Narcan Training Event


The County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services Department is scheduled to host a fentanyl education and Narcan training at the Rinconada Library.

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Image caption: Tens of thousands of Californians depended on state help to pay rent through the pandemic. Now the state is letting them down.
COVID Rent Relief Delays: 70,000 Households at Risk of Eviction

More than 70,000 households who needed and applied for state aid to pay their rent during the COVID-19 pandemic by the March 2022 deadline still have their applications listed as "pending." Now they could be evicted from their homes.

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San Jose Police Begin Non-jail Option for First-time DUI Arrestees

The preliminary DUI pilot program in Santa Clara County will be limited to arrestees who are non-violent, first-time misdemeanor DUI arrestees to avoid spending time in jail, while receiving alcohol-related support services at the Mission Street Recovery Station in San …

Image caption: New law represents departure from long-standing mental health treatment practices in California.
Californians’ Mental Health: Newsom Signs Law to Overhaul System

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature mental health policies allow the involuntary treatment of more Californians with severe mental illnesses. Some fear the new laws will infringe on the civil liberties of people confined against their will.

Image caption: Voters will decide whether to spend funds previously earmarked for mental health care on housing of the homeless.
Newsom’s Mental Health Plan Heads to Voters. What Does it Say?

California collects a special tax on high incomes to fund mental health services. Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to change how the money is spent so a share of it can be used to fund housing for homeless people with mental …

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County supes approve multi-faceted approach to fentanyl crisis

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved amping up services and resources to combat the fentanyl crisis with money from opioid lawsuit settlements and other grants. San Jose has been dubbed a “fentanyl hub,” and Supervisor …

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High schooler seeks volunteers for West Valley mental health organization

Niku Sedarat, who is just starting her senior year of high school at De Anza College, has been building a mental health organization called Unité over the past year that’s helping West Valley youth who are going through tough times. …

Image caption: A victory by McDonald's workers at a Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, location was a rarity among retaliation cases.
Workers Suffering Increased Retaliation for On-Job Complaints

More workers are filing claims with the state alleging employers are retaliating against them for engaging in legally protected activities, such as seeking overtime pay or reporting wage theft or discrimination.

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Supes fund school-based wellness centers in Santa Clara County

A $12 million grant program to create and expand school-based behavioral health wellness centers in Santa Clara County was approved Aug. 29 by the county Board of Supervisors. Most of the grant money will be awarded to school districts to …


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