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From Trend to Tradition: The Growing Significance of Boba

Exploring the ever-increasing visibility of bubble tea

Image caption: What role did the self-described "libertarian" venture capitalist play in SVB's collapse?
Did Peter Thiel Cause the Collapse of SVB?

Peter Thiel, the Donald Trump supporting Silicon Valley billionaire and venture capitalist, may have played a big role inthe bank run that ended in the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. But why?

Image caption: The government has avoided calling its plan to pay off SVB depositors a "bailout." But is it?
Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: the Causes and Bailout

SVB lobbied hard for bank deregulation, which may have led to its own failure. And depositors blew past limits on federal insurance, knowing they would lose their cash if the bank went under unless the government saved them. Here’s how …

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Chef Jessica Yarr Opens The Grove Cafe and Bakery in Felton

The cafe-bakery will spotlight her gift for organic and plant-based pastries and bread

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Salesforce Cancels Contract with Retreat Center

As Silicon Valley’s post-pandemic pullback continues, the 100 promised jobs at Scotts Valley’s 1440 Multiversity are the latest to have hit the chopping block, as Salesforce axed its contract with the retreat center. Employees have been scrambling to find new …

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Santa Cruz’s Metavinyl, now Redwood Records

The longtime downtown record store changes ownership but retains its indie roots

Image caption: Heavy storms prompted the state to extend tax deadlines for most California residents.
Storms Could Make Newsom’s Budget Problems Worse

Climate change driven storms are creating new problems for Gavin Newsom and California's budget process, which is already reeling from a projected $25 billion deficit that emerged after a $97 billion surplus disappeared.

Image caption: The future of malls looks like one where the rich get richer while lower-end malls simply die out.
Mall Culture and the American Dream

Shopping malls revolutionized how Americans shopped, socialized, and lived. Now, malls face an uncertain future. How did the dream of a new town square go so wrong?

Image caption: Suburbia has become a defining feature of the California landscape. But what does the word really mean?
How the Suburbs Shaped America, and California Shaped the Suburbs

America has become a mostly suburban country, and California is known for its sprawling ’burbs. But what is a suburb? It turns out California may not be as suburban as people believe.

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A Day Trip to Salinas Offers a Variety of Stellar New Dining Options

From Alvarado Street Brewery’s latest spot to Cali Glizzy Hot Dogs, historic Main Street is hopping

Image caption: Scott Murrison inside a hoop house full of unused cannabis growing equipment in Hayfork on Feb. 7, 2023.
Emerald Triangle Cannabis Economy Pushed to the Brink

Cannabis has been king in this rural area of northern California. As prices plummet, communities and small businesses are hurting, Many blame Prop 64.

Image caption: Can YouTube be held liable for a deadly terrorist attack if its algorithm recommended ISIS videos?
SCOTUS Takes on Section 230, the Online Free Speech Law

The U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday heard arguments in a potential landmark case that could roll back Section 230, the 27-year-old law that protects free speech on social media and other online platforms. Which way were the justices leaning?

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Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria Turns 45

Gayle and Joe Ortiz’s scratch-made pastries have been a hit with locals and tourists from the beginning

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El Toro Bravo Rocks Sizzling Enchiladas

The Capitola restaurant has been treating diners like family for over 50 years

Image caption: Google is just one of dozens of tech companies announcing major layoffs in 2022 and 2023.
Silicon Valley Boom and Bust: Why California’s Tech Mecca Always Survives

Silicon Valley has been hit with repeated boom and bust cycles throughout its history, and layoffs are sweeping the tech industry in 2023. Here's why the Valley will survive the latest downturn, as it has all the others.

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Beck’s Shoes opens Boulder Creek location to much fanfare

For 104 years, the Beck family has been outfitting folks with footwear made to last. In 1919, Ole P. Beck launched the family business in downtown Salinas, and since then, the eponymous shoe store has been synonymous with quality brands …

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The Crepe Place Celebrates 50 Years

The Santa Cruz staple has quietly become one of the area’s top live music venues and much more

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County Secures $500,000 Grant to Develop Broadband

The California Public Utilities Commission's Local Area Technical Assistance program has awarded the County of Santa Cruz a $500,000 grant to develop a countywide broadband master plan. The goal of the plan would be to ensure that all residents have …

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Fear of ecological disaster prompts Monterey City Council to end cruise ship services.

For over 200 years, ships at sea have used colorful flags to communicate with passing vessels or a nearby shoreline. Monterey City Manager Hans Uslar flew his own flag to the cruise ship industry, signaling his belief the city should…

Image caption: Has Google established a monopoly over online advertising? The feds say yes.
DOJ Lawsuit Seeks To Force Google to Sell Ad Service

Google may be forced to sell off its $200 billion online advertising service if a new lawsuit by the federal Department of Justice claiming that Google acts as a monopoly succeeds.