Tahoe’s Fragile Beauty: The 5 Greatest Threats to Lake Tahoe

As a destination with more than 15 million visitors annually, Tahoe’s beauty and environment is delicate and under threat.

Tahoe Weekly
PUBLISHED JUL 25, 2022 12:00 A.M.
Tahoe Weekly offers advice on how to help protect the beloved region.

Tahoe Weekly offers advice on how to help protect the beloved region.   OLOS   Shutterstock

Wherever you live in California, no matter how beautiful, there are a few special spots that will still outstrip the local landscape. Lake Tahoe is definitely on that short list.

And few are more in tune with the region’s physical beauty and rich cultural scene than the staff at Tahoe Weekly. So when they set out to enumerate the five biggest threats to the region, we’d best listen up.

On reporter Priya Hutner’s list are two issues that threaten all of California: the ravags of climate change and the rising number of endangered species. And the other three are particular to the region’s most spectacular resource: the lake itself, and the creeks that feed into it. Pollution is affecting the lake’s renowned clarity, the shrinking snowpack is imperiling the watershed, and invasive aquatic species are degrading the entire ecosystem.

Rather than just delineating Tahoe’s biggest woes, Tahoe Weekly is looking for ways individuals can help. “We wanted to provide a snapshot of the greatest threats to Lake Tahoe to inform and educate our readers, so they in turn could take steps to help,” says publisher Katherine Hill in her introduction to the issue. In addition to a short to-do list—just five items—that individuals can do, Hutner also lists some of the nonprofit organizations who are fighting to save this beloved slice of California.

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