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Legal Services of Northern California provides legal services to low-income individuals and families to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for housing, health, employment and more.

Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC) has been serving low-income individuals throughout Northern California since 1956. The organization fights for the civl rights of clients, as the impoverished often face discrimination when it comes to housing, healthcare, unemployment resources, and access to healthy food. In today’s world, where many state and local programs are struggling to meet need, LSNC continues to be a powerful advocate that makes a true difference.

​LSNC currently serves 23 different counties throughout Northern California, with the largest office and administrative headquarters operating in Sacramento. Prior to having a flagship office, many of the projects LSNC took on as an organization were birthed out of volunteer groups and local initiatives. By coming together as one single organization, LSNC is able to serve a larger number of people more effectively.

LSNC does not help with personal injury, criminal defense, or divorce/child custody cases. Help is available for housing, benefits, COVID-19 assistance, general healthcare, and records clearing related to immigration and other citizenship legal matters. There are also several specialized programs to help with specific needs related to health, senior citizens, pensions, and pro bono legal representation for low-income individuals.

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