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Welcome to California Local (Beta)
Thank you for finding California Local. This is what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it.

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Getting to Yes
In which we ponder how to make things better in a climate of no.

Image caption: Access to abortion in California is limited in many areas, though state laws protect a woman’s right to choose.
Abortion Rights in California, Explained
California has historically been ahead of the rest of the country in expanding the legal right to abortion services. Here’s what state laws say today, and how we got here.

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How Not to Feel the Burn
California residents can turn to these public and private entities to help prepare for wildfires and protect their property.

Image caption: There are more than 300 community service districts in California.
Community Services Districts, Explained
Community service districts can do most anything a city government can do. Here’s how they work and how to start one.

Image caption: Measures taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus have been sparking protests since the pandemic began in 2020.
Going to Extremes
Since the pandemic, conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric have also gone viral in California, and McClatchy’s reporters are investigating.

Image caption: When people of color go missing, only one-fifth of the cases receive media coverage.
Search for Missing Justice
When people of color vanish, only one-fifth of the cases receive media coverage. These activists want to change that.

Image caption: Sacramento County’s former director of human assistance, Ann Edwards officially took over as county executive on Sept. 14.
Executive Action
As Sacramento County’s CEO, Ann Edwards looks to do things differently.

Image caption: Sacramento’s grand jury investigates a wide range of government activities.
Sacramento County’s Civil Grand Jury, Explained
The Sacramento Civil Grand Jury is charged with keeping a watchful eye over all aspects of local and county government. Here’s how it works, and how to become a grand juror.

Image caption: The pandemic teed up the perfect conditions for a golf resurgence.
Going Greens
Some 6.2 million more golfers hit the links during COVID-19. There hasn’t been such an uptick since Tiger Woods arrived on the scene.

Image caption: Stephen McNallen uses the Icelandic word Asatru, which means “true to the gods.” in the name of his church. Among those deities is the Norse god Odin (above).
Inside a Whites-Only Church
Reporter Ryan Sabalow writes about Asatru Folk Assembly, a church that worships Norse gods and preaches an extreme racial ideology.

Image caption: A new California law will lower local speed limits and—advocates hope—reduce traffic fatalities.
Can Traffic Fatalities Be Cut to Zero? Here’s How California is Trying
A new California law to lower speed limits, AB 43, is part of an overall effort, called ‘Vision Zero,’ to eliminate traffic deaths completely. Here’s what the law does, and why it can make a difference.

Image caption: Mosquitos kill about 725,000 people every year, worldwide.
Taking a Bite Out of the Mosquito Population
The pesky mosquito can be deadly as well as annoying. Here’s how local governments in California have been waging war on mosquitoes for more than a century.

Image caption: Sacramento County D.A. Anne Marie Schubert addresses the media.
Sacramento County’s D.A. and P.D. Offices, Explained
The district attorney and public defender are the key players in Sacramento County’s criminal justice system. Here’s what you need to know about them.

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Celebrating Veterans Every Day
About 1.8 million veterans live in California. Here are some organizations dedicated to serving the needs of those who served America.

Image caption: Californians continue to set clocks back every fall, and ahead each spring.
Daylight Saving Time, Explained
After a 2018 vote authorizing the state legislature to make daylight saving time year-round, Californians are still changing their clocks twice per year. How did we get here?