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Phone: 916-476-9606

Address: 2110 K Street

Year Founded:



Outlet Coworking is a community of multi-disciplinary innovative professionals in a beautiful shared work-space in the heart of Midtown Sacramento.

Coworking, meeting rooms, desk space, private offices and event space. Convenient Location in Midtown. 2110 K Street between 21st and 22nd.

Why We Give Back:

We give back to make an impact, strengthen our community and to improve the lives of our members.

How We Give Back:

Priority number one is improving the lives of our members and we’re firm believers that the work environment is critical not only for a business, but for the health and success of the entrepreneurs and professionals themselves. When we aren’t happy at work, other areas of our lives are affected, and employee dissatisfaction at work is at an all-time high. Before we created our coworking space, we worked as entrepreneurs in our own fields and we experienced first hand how difficult it can be to work through the distractions of managing a home office or a traditional workspace. That is why we created a space where those everyday distractions can fade to the background, allowing our members to put their focus where it belongs and do great work.

We also give back in other ways, including donating our space and money to local arts organizations, hosting events for entrepreneurs to learn and meet. We have been involved with the Midtown Association in Sacramento, which leads efforts to keep our community clean and safe, and acts as the voice of the community to create a vibrant and lively neighborhood full of character. Our owners are also individually involved in local charitable organizations.

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