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Vaccine Mandates Are Coming to California
The state of California, as well as some local governments, will soon require all public employees to be vaccinated against COVID. Here's why they're taking that step.

Bay Area Houses Are Getting More Affordable — For Some
A new study shows how Bay Area incomes have outrun home prices in most Bay Area counties. But not everyone is reaping the benefits.

California's New Law To Create a Watchdog for Sheriffs, Explained
AB 1185, authorizing civilian sheriff's oversight bodies, was one of the few law enforcement reform bills to pass in the wake of the George Floyd protests. What does the law accomplish, and will it make a difference?

After Dixie Fire, PG&E Announces Plan to Put 10,000 Miles of Wire Underground
After admitting a power line may have started the Dixie Megafire in Butte County, PG&E now says it will place 10,000 miles of power lines underground.

How Climate Change is Making Wildfires Worse Than Ever
Climate scientists say that global warming is making wildfire season much worse. Here's how climate change causes fires to be more destructive.

Judge Rules Recall Candidates Don’t Need To Reveal Tax Returns
Even though 41 candidates to replace Gavin Newsom in the Sept. 14 recall election have revealed their tax returns, a judge now says that wasn’t necessary.

I’ve Got a Hunch
And I know you have one as well. Let’s compare notes.

Why Mask Requirements May Be Back, Explained
Mask requirements appear to be on the way back in California, including for fully vaccinated people. Here's why.

PG&E Power Line May Have Sparked Massive Dixie Fire
PG&E waited five days to report that one of its power lines may have sparked the Dixie Fire, which is burning across Plumas and Butte counties.

CA Unemployment Claims Remain at High Levels
Even as the national economy quickly recovers, thousands of Californians continue to file for unemployment benefits, largely because small business is still struggling.

CA Passes First-in-United States 'Basic Income' Bill
California will become the first state in the nation to provide monthly basic income payments to millions of residents, after the legislature passed a $35 million bill.

New Bill Makes Paid Family Leave Affordable for All Workers
A new bill now in the state Senate would make paid family leave accessible even to workers on the lowest end of the income spectrum.

Bill to Allow More Housing Meets Protest in Santa Cruz
A State Senate bill would allow quick rezoning for multi-family housing, as a new research study reveals the high cost of single-family coming laws.

As Pandemic Recedes, Traffic Jams Are Coming Back
As the pandemic recedes, traffic is getting worse. But workers returning to offices appears not to be the main reason why.

COVID Cases Show Alarming Rise in Bay Area, Sacramento and Other Counties
The delta variant and often lagging vaccination rates are putting California in new danger from COVID-19.

Counties Scoff at Workplace COVID Data Law
A new report reveals that only 20 counties have complied with a law requiring release of workplace COVID outbreak data.

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