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We're your virtual home for daily local news, community resources and connections to the people and groups making a positive impact in your community. We provide a safe space for people to come together to learn more about their community and connect with others to make the community better.
A speech bubble with the text: Whether you are already actie in your community or wondering how to get involved, California Local is for YOU. We'll help you find information you can trust and empower you to participate in the social and policical life of your community.


A speech bubble with the text: We combat disinfomation and strengthen local democracy by amplifying the important work of local journalists and news outlets and filling in the gaps in the 'media desers' where communities are starved for news and discussions needed to hold the powers that be accountable.

If it matters to your community, our goal is to make sure you can find it here. California Local provides a refreshing solution to the chaos fueled by fake news and political division that have been tearing apart the fabric of our society. We believe the real world needs a beacon of hope—a place online to find truth, community, diversity, civility, and respect. Here you will discover reliable local news, updated daily, and the tools to get involved with your community.


California Local connects you to the leaders involved in building your community. We give you access to engage with the diversity of Community Groups and the full slate of Public Sector officials and agencies that serve your area. We also provide a safe space to talk about local problems and find solutions through civil dialogue with your neighbors and community leaders via moderated discussions.

A speech bubble with the text: We believe that you will find that our ongoing commitment to equity and representation sets us apart. We are reaching out to various individuals and organizations throughout the state to ensure that the voices you find on California Local include those from communities that have been historically underrepresented in the media and public forums.

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California Local empowers you to take action to make your community stronger, and we'll guide you every step of the way. It's rewarding and fun to be a California Local and the first step only takes a minute. Join us by signing up as a free founding member to get connected to all the local news, resources and discussion that strengthen your community.

It's rewarding and fun to be a California Local!

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