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Five reasons to take the high-road into your favorite state park’s parking lot.


A sheltered beach and inland trail.


Sempervirens Fund launches a new Trails Prescription Program for the Santa Cruz Mountains. This program aligns with regional Parks Rx efforts and offers curated trail guides and health insights to enhance outdoor experiences and well-being in the region.


Founded on the Fourth of July 1924, Memorial Park, deep in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, is the birthplace of San Mateo County Parks, where generations of families connect to nature.


The common American lawn has a problematic history, and creates a lot of problems for the environment.


The 2.5-mile multi-use trail improvements, funded in part by Measure AA bond money, restore watershed health, improve habitat, and create a safe route to Skyline Boulevard.


The new Lamchin Interpretive Center, sharing the story of the original inhabitants of this land, and the Spring Creek Trail open at Filoli.


Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History presents ‘Cotoni-Coast Dairies: Monumental Steps,’ celebrating a unique piece of land and the folks who protected it.


“The Santa Cruz Mountains are almost like an island,” Bryan Largay, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s Conservation Director, explains. “And islands are where extinctions happen.” But there is hope being generated in places like Rocks Ranch.


A few miles from downtown San Jose, find history, wildlife, a diverse set of trails, and great picnic spots at California's oldest municipal park.


Partly due to global warming and the proliferation of ticks, Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in the US. Here’s how to protect yourself.


A celebrated photographer reflects on the life that led to his first book, which captures a secret paradise in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula.

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