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By Eric Johnson
Published Jan 29, 2024

A group of  powerful, ambitious and confident people are hoping to ease California’s housing crisis by building an urban Utopia in the middle of nowhere. A group of powerful, ambitious and confident people are hoping to ease California’s housing crisis by building an urban Utopia in the middle of nowhere. Image credit: California Forever

The California Exodus and ‘California Forever’

Welcome to the end of January, which seems to have arrived too quicky. A reminder that, as always, you can access the most important news in your community, and learn about local nonprofits doing good work, just below. And BTW: Go Niners!

In this week’s edition of The Newsletter, we take a look at two of the biggest stories of 2023. First, the “California Exodus” that has seen the state’s population shrink in recent years by more than 800,000, which could send a political shockwave through the state and the nation. Then, the secret plan, launched by some A-list Silicon Valley billionaires, to build a city of 400,000 in an agricultural area halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. 

These stories are bound together by one thing—the state’s ongoing housing shortage. As Jon Vankin explains here, the cost of housing has one out of three Californians considering escape from the Golden State, and is the primary reason more than a million left in the past two years. And as the New York Times reports, the stated impetus behind the “California Forever” plan for a new city is the housing shortage that is throttling their limitless ambitions. 

Next, our colleague and product guru Chris Neklason reports on our newest Tracker, a one-stop resource that will make it easy to follow the potentially explosive developments in Solano County. 

And finally, our friends at Sacramento Digs Gardening provide a healthy winter recipe to keep you warm.

Our Dangerously Dwindling Population

Californians are fleeing the state. It’s a narrative promoted recently by Ron DeSantis, and by the state’s haters for almost a decade. Turns out it is not a myth. And the cause of the exodus is no mystery.

California Exodus, Housing and the State's Political Future

As residents continue to exit California, the state’s political power at the national level is at risk.
The California housing crisis is not only weakening the state politically at the national level, it could shift the political balance in Washington, D.C., as Republican-led states add population while California’s exodus continues.

The Plan for a Utopian City in the Delta

The billionaire backers of California Forever are buying up gobs of farmland in Solano County. Where sheep now graze beneath giant windmills, a bold (naive?) entrepreneur envisions a revolutionary urbanized future. Here’s the bombshell story from the New York Times, and CALocal’s plan to keep track of the story’s development.

Silicon Valley Billionaires vs. Bay Area’s Housing Crisis?

In NYT’s “The Farmers Had What the Billionaires Wanted,” we meet a man who wants to build a city in the middle of nowhere, and folks who are slowing him down.

Building a City From the Ground Up

New neighbors might be moving to Solano County soon. A whole lot of them.
We’re getting ready to track the progress of California Forever’s plans to build a city of 400,000 in what is now Solano County farm country.

Recipe of the Week

Our friends at Sacramento Digs Gardening publish a recipe from their gardens every Sunday, which we feature here so you can start your week with some yum.

Creamy broccoli-cheese soup has a secret: No cream, no flour

This hearty bowl of broccoli-cheese soup is creamy thanks to potato, not cream or flour.
Hearty winter warmer also is gluten-free

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KSQD logo The Climate Crisis Hits Monterey County

As climate change and atmospheric rivers bring flooding, wind storms, and power outages to the Central Coast, Monterey County must prepare for an ongoing shift in its communities.

Monterey County Weekly logo Salinas Approves Increasing Council Compensation

The Salinas City Council voted 5-1 to approve a hike in councilmember compensation, with Steve McShane opposing.

Salinas Valley Tribune logo Alliance on Aging Names New Executive Director

Longtime Monterey County resident John McPherson has been named the new executive director of Alliance on Aging, taking over for Teresa Sullivan, who is retiring.

Sacramento News and Review logo McCarty Gets Win for Sacramento State and CSUs to Expand Offerings

A new law signed by Gov. Newsom could change the way students pursue doctorates. Authored by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, it allows California State University campuses to offer doctoral degrees in professional or applied programs, provided they do not duplicate degrees …

Monterey County Weekly logo Salinas City Council Approves a Two-Year Contract for Police Officers

Salinas City Council voted 6-0 to approve a new contract with the Salinas Police Officers Association.

King City Rustler logo King City in Bloom Begins New Year of Sprucing Up City

The volunteer group conducted its annual pruning at the windmill—located at the entrance to San Lorenzo County Park on Broadway Street—and at the King City Recreation Center.

Monterey County Weekly logo Monterey County Has Its Second Poet Laureate

The Arts Council for Monterey County and the Monterey County Board of Supervisors announced that Rachelle Escamilla has been chosen as the county’s 2024-2025 Poet Laureate.

King City Rustler logo Earthquake Seismic Retrofit Grants Now Available to Eligible Homeowners

Thousands of California homeowners can apply for Earthquake Brace + Bolt grants, including in all four cities in South Monterey County.

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Recent Local News

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• Working Together to Create a Sustainable Campus

California State University, Monterey Bay has big plans in the coming years: complete campus sustainability by 2030.

(01/29/2024) → The Lutrinae

• Monterey County School Districts Are Split on Electric School Buses

Alisal Unified School District has added a sixth coach to its growing fleet of electric school buses, retiring another old diesel rig for a shiny new yellow e-bus.

(01/28/2024) → Monterey Herald

• Monterey Sidewalk Repairs Underway

Sidewalk repairs, which in many cases are the responsibility of adjacent property owners, are happening in Monterey to reduce tripping hazards and clean up uplifts caused by trees roots and wear over time.

(01/26/2024) → Monterey Herald

• Sand City Receives Donated Parcel That May Help With Future Traffic Flow

A tiny parcel of land was recently donated to Sand City which could have future implications for the flow of traffic between two big-box shopping centers and a transit center in the city’s busy retail district.

(01/25/2024) → Monterey Herald

• Carmel Unified Board Appoints Sharon Ofek as District Superintendent

The governing board voted 4-1 to appoint Sharon Ofek, who has been acting as the district’s superintendent since April.

(01/25/2024) → Monterey Herald

• Approaching Bay Area Deadline a ‘Test Case’ for California’s Housing Crisis

On Jan. 31, dozens of cities and counties are expected to convert thousands of suburban-style tracts into apartment-ready parcels. Will the state hold them to it?

(01/24/2024) → CalMatters

• Monning Joins Forces to Battle Election Disinformation

California Senate Majority Leader Emeritus Bill Monning has thrown his weight behind a new initiative that aims to combat disinformation generated by artificial intelligence ahead of future elections.

(01/23/2024) → Monterey Herald

• Jailed for Missing a Court Date, He Died After Not Being Given His HIV Medicine

An El Dorado County Jail inmate died after not receiving vital HIV medication for weeks, a new lawsuit claims.

(01/23/2024) → Los Angeles Times

• Cal State Faculty Strike Ends With Tentative Contract Agreement

A Cal State systemwide strike secured what more than half a year of negotiations and partial strikes couldn’t: a deal.

(01/22/2024) → CalMatters

• Huge San Jose Ranch May be Preserved as Parklands and Nature Habitat

Richmond Ranch in south San Jose may be preserved as open space if multiple government entities succeed in a quest to buy its thousands of acres, public documents show.

(01/22/2024) → Monterey Herald
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Recent Statewide News

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• Will More Outdoor Drinking Give CA Economy a Buzz?

State Sen. Scott Wiener wants to allow California cities and counties to designate “entertainment zones” where bars and restaurants could serve alcoholic drinks that people can consume on public streets and sidewalks.

(01/29/2024) → CalMatters

• New Pickleball Equipment Takes a Swing at the Sport’s Noise Problem

The “pop, pop, pop” that’s become synonymous with Pickleball may soon be a racket of the past. That’s the goal promised by a new generation of equipment developed to lessen the overall acoustic burden of the sport.

(01/29/2024) → Daily Democrat

• Tribal Leaders Cite Problems with California’s Feather Alert for Native People Who Go Missing

In the first year of California’s Feather Alert system, authorities denied some requests to issue bulletins on missing people, causing concerns.

(01/28/2024) → Los Angeles Times

• Gavin Newsom Raised Millions for His Mental Health Ballot Measure. His Opponents Have $1,000

The March ballot measure would raise billions for mental health care, but some clinics fear it would strip them of revenue they need for services they provide today.

(01/28/2024) → CalMatters

• ‘Hot Droughts’ Are Becoming More Common in the Arid West, New Study Finds

Take a period of limited rainfall. Add heat. And you have what scientists call a “hot drought”—dry conditions made more intense by the evaporative power of hotter temperatures.

(01/28/2024) → CapPublicRadio

• Disneyland’s New Vision Includes Up to $2.5-billion Investment and Plan to Take Over City Streets

Disneyland’s plan to reimagine the theme park into a more “immersive” experience may require up to $2.5 billion and a plan to privatize some Anaheim streets.

(01/26/2024) → Los Angeles Times

• Collapse of California’s News Industry Is So Severe It’ll Require Taxpayer Support to Rebuild

A combination of tax credits, revenue sharing and coupons could bring stability, writes Steven Waldman, president of Rebuild Local News.

(01/25/2024) → CalMatters

• A Record Number of Californians Are Visiting Emergency Rooms for Dog Bites

Those pandemic puppies are growing up to be a public health concern.

(01/25/2024) → KFF Health News

• Senate Probes the Cost of Assisted Living and Its Burden on American Families

A U.S. Senate committee launched an examination of assisted living, holding its first hearing in two decades on the industry as leaders of both parties expressed concern about the high cost and mixed quality of care facilities.

(01/25/2024) → California Healthline

• Controversial California Bill Would Physically Stop New Cars From Speeding

The proposed bill would require new California cars to have a speed limiter.

(01/25/2024) → SF Gate

• New USGS Map Shows California Is at High Risk for Damaging Earthquakes

An updated earthquake hazard map from USGS shows a high shaking risk in California.

(01/24/2024) → SF Gate

• California Ranks High Worldwide for Rapidly Depleted Groundwater

In a sign of the ongoing threats to its precious groundwater stores, half a dozen regions in California rank among the world’s most rapidly declining aquifers.

(01/24/2024) → CalMatters

• A Guide to License Plates

The numbers and letters on your car can reveal more than you think.

(01/23/2024) → The California Aggie

• 988-Hotline Counselors Air Concerns: More Training Needed to Juggle Calls

In the year and a half since its launch, 988—the country’s easy-to-remember suicide and crisis hotline—has received about 8.1 million calls, texts, and chats. Curiosity is growing about the people taking those calls.

(01/23/2024) → California Healthline

• Key Takeaways From U.S. Senate Debate

The four leading U.S. Senate contenders in California tried to use 90 minutes of free air time to solidify their pitches to voters—and also to set themselves apart from their opponents.

(01/22/2024) → CalMatters

• Will $20 Minimum Wage Crush Fast Food in California?

Fast food lives in a consumer sweet spot: demand, convenience and relative affordability. And this pay hike—equal to minimum wage increases during the past five years—will create grand economic unknowns.

(01/22/2024) → Daily Democrat
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Image of United States seal. United States   (01/28/2024)

Truong Giang Distributor Corp Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in Dried Mango

TRUONG GIANG DISTRIBUTOR CORP of Philadelphia, PA is recalling Golden Owl Dried Mango, because it may contain undeclared sulfites. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to sulfites run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products. Product was d
Image of City of Monterey seal. City of Monterey   (01/28/2024)

Residential Duplex Structure Fire in Monterey

Image of County of Monterey seal. County of Monterey   (01/26/2024)

5 Things for February from Monterey County Free Libraries

5 Things for February from Monterey County Free Libraries February is Library Lovers month! And we love this month because we love libraries. How about you? Visit your local branch and tell us how much you love your library. We will have...
Image of City of Marina seal. City of Marina   (01/26/2024)

Affordable Connectivity Program Internet Discounts Available

The registration window to obtain discounted internet service for residents, will close on February 7, 2024. See if you qualify for a $30 monthly discount for Home Internet as well as a one-time discount of up to $100 for a computer or a tablet.
Image of City of Del Rey Oaks seal. City of Del Rey Oaks   (01/26/2024)

New to Del Rey Oaks?

Welcome to the City of Del Rey Oaks! In an effort to make your transition to our city as smooth as possible we have compiled a list of some of the most common websites you will need to settle into your new home. Note: In some categories there are multiple providers to choose from, they are not listed in any …
Image of City of Del Rey Oaks seal. City of Del Rey Oaks   (01/26/2024)

Del Rey Oaks Citizen's Action Group

Your neighbors getting together to help each other and the community. This group of caring residents meet once a month and are instrumental in keeping the community involved in the small-town way of life. Please consider joining them as they plan the annual City Picnic, Community Garage Sale, Ice Cream Social and Santa's Workshop as well as helping their neighbors …
Image of City of Del Rey Oaks seal. City of Del Rey Oaks   (01/26/2024)

FORTAG survey

Click HERE to participate in the survey regarding FORTAG
Image of City of Del Rey Oaks seal. City of Del Rey Oaks   (01/26/2024)

Pride Flag Raising Ceremony

Image of City of Del Rey Oaks seal. City of Del Rey Oaks   (01/26/2024)


Image of County of Monterey seal. County of Monterey   (01/25/2024)

FDA warns consumers not to purchase or use Neptune’s Fix or any tianeptine product due to serious risks