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Three Peninsula men arrested on charges of distributing fentanyl to high school students.

Three adult men still in their teens from Carmel and Monterey are suspects in distributing deadly fentanyl to high school students on the Monterey Peninsula, including in at least two cases where students accidentally overdosed and survived, U.S. Attorney Stephanie…

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Correction: April 21, 2022 story 'Appellate Court resurrects defamation suit against sheriff candidate Joe Moses.'

An article published in the April 21, 2022 print edition (“Appellate Court resurrects defamation suit against sheriff candidate Joe Moses”) inaccurately paraphrased a statement made by Joe Moses as applying to each named plaintiff in the defamation case against him.…

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California's population—and Monterey County's—decreased last year, according to a finance analysis.

We generally think of the Census as the mechanism by which we track population change. But the California Department of Finance does its own population analysis for the purpose of calculating government disbursement of funds and planning.

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FPPC declines to open investigation into proponents of Del Rey Oaks' Measure B.

While the fate of the Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway continues to hang in the balance pending the results of the June 7 election, at least one adjacent question has been answered.

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With the Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, California prepares for an influx of abortion patients.

As new restrictions rapidly sweep the country in anticipation of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that may end the constitutional right to abortion, California is preparing to step into the void – and welcome a possible surge of patients losing…

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The race to be the county’s next top cop has drawn an eclectic cast of candidates.

In 2023, Monterey County will have a new sheriff in town. Incumbent Sheriff Steve Bernal announced in October that he would forgo a re-election bid after an embattled eight-year reign. The tension came to a head when the Board of…

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Drama surrounds Del Rey Oaks’ Measure B; the fate of FORTAG hangs in the balance.

The campaigns surrounding Measure B, a Del Rey Oaks ballot initiative that if approved would preclude adding most new trails in the city, are starting to ramp up.

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The county discusses its plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Starting May 5, the county’s Alternative Energy and Environment Committee will be holding four public meetings over the next six weeks to discuss the county’s climate action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with state laws.

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Salinas approves an increase for developer impact fees as infrastructure costs are rising.

Costs across many industries have climbed over the past year, and construction is no different. That includes costs for public infrastructure, and on April 26, Salinas City Council voted 4-1 to increase development impact fees the city charges by 8…

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NPS opens the gates for Microsoft to partner on finding solutions to military challenges.

Over the past 40 years, tech giant Microsoft has worked for the U.S. Department of Defense and individual branches of the military executing billions of dollars in contracts. Now it’s about to embed itself on the campus of the Naval…

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Protesters in Monterey gather in support of abortion rights.

The news site Politico dropped a bombshell on Monday night, May 2, with the release of a leaked draft Supreme Court draft ruling that would overturn the landmark 1973 decision Roe v. Wade, protecting abortion rights for Americans. Protesters across…