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California Forever Pulls Initiative


Following a report released the previous week by Solano County citing billions of dollars in costs and a host of other issues, California Forever pulled their initiative from the November ballot.

As Newsom Finishes His Governorship, Would-Be Successors Are Multiplying


There never was much of a chance that California Gov. Gavin Newsom would be running for president this year, even if President Joe Biden were to step aside.

California Forever Takes Initiative Off November Ballot


On July 22, California Forever announced it was withdrawing its initiative to amend the Solano County General Plan off the November ballot and would instead begin working with the county through the normal, though less expeditious, process.

A California Court Just Granted an Ag Giant a Win. It Could Jeopardize New Farm Union Law


A judge has halted a union effort at the Wonderful Company, throwing into question a new state law designed to make it easier for agricultural workers to organize.

CA Cities and Counties Ignoring Mandate to Monitor Homeless Shelters


In 2021, responding to reports that the state’s homeless shelters were dirty and dangerous, the state Legislature crafted a plan: It would require local governments to inspect their shelters after complaints and file annual reports on shelter conditions.

California Says ICE Detainees Have Labor Rights. They Earn $1 a Day Scrubbing Bathrooms


California failed to ban private detention centers. Now, it’s focusing on their working conditions, for immigrants who toil for $1 a day.

California Sent a Mentally Ill Man to a State Hospital. Then It Charged Him $760,000


California State Hospitals can bill patients for the care they receive during confinement. The charges often run in the tens of thousands of dollars, putting vulnerable people in debt for years.

Steve Garvey Outraises Adam Schiff — But Still Has Less in Bank — In U.S. Senate Bid


The Republican hopeful brought in more cash than Democratic rival Adam Schiff for the first time this campaign during the latest quarter, but still has less to spend.

Judge Temporarily Blocks State Order to Growers Who Depleted Groundwater


A Kings County judge today issued a temporary restraining order against the state that pauses its unprecedented move to crack down on groundwater depletion in California’s agricultural heartland.

If Californians Vote to Ban Slavery This Fall, Will Prisoners Get a Raise?


California courts have long upheld below-minimum wage pay for prison inmates working a wide range of jobs. A 2024 ballot measure that would ban forced labor could alter those decisions.

California Passed a Law to Fix Unsafe Homeless Shelters. Cities and Counties Are Ignoring It


The Supreme Court’s decision on homelessness will test a shelter system that’s full of problems – and lacking accountability.

California Needs a Million EV Charging Stations — but That’s ‘Unlikely’ and ‘Unrealistic’


Public chargers must be built at an unprecedented pace to meet the target in less than 7 years, and then doubled to 2 million in 2035. The high cost — $120,000 or more for one fast charger— is just one obstacle.

Guaranteed Basic Income Programs Proliferate Across CA


A mother picks up her son from daycare in Richmond on Sept. 26, 2022. Photo by Marissa Leshnov for CalMatters

Guaranteed Basic Income Programs Proliferate Across CA


Beginning Monday, 150 households in Fresno County are expected to receive a $500 prepaid card to spend on anything they’d like — no strings attached. It will be the first of 12 monthly recurring payments those Southwest Fresno and Huron residents will receive as part of a guaranteed basic income program for low-income families.

California Has Just Approved a New Blueprint for Offshore Wind. The Massive Projects Will Cost Billions


Harnessing clean energy is a venture of unprecedented scope in California, bringing big changes to Humboldt and the Central Coast, and requiring 26 ports along the coast.

Can California’s Health Care Providers Help Solve the State’s Homelessness Crisis?


Taking advantage of new state funds, some California healthcare providers are starting to offer what their homeless patients really need: housing.

How California Laws May Help Shield It From Supreme Court Decisions


After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, California’s Democratic leaders moved fast to shore up reproductive rights: They persuaded voters to enshrine the right to an abortion in the state constitution, approved a dozen bills strengthening abortion protections and passed a law in May to enable Arizona doctors to temporarily provide abortion services for their patients in California.

The Supreme Court Took Powers Away From Federal Regulators. Do California Rules Offer a Backstop?


In three rulings the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a body blow to the federal bureaucracy. From healthcare to climate to workers’ rights, California’s rules often go farther.

CalMatters’ Digital Democracy Makes a Difference in the Legislature


CalMatters launched Digital Democracy in April, and its impact has rippled across the Legislature.

California Boosts Spending to Help Students Earn Math and Science Degrees


A program for low-income, first-generation STEM students at community colleges is receiving millions of dollars to expand across the state.

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