Like many California college towns, the City of Davis is home to a variety of quirky characters.

PUBLISHED APR 14, 2024 9:41 P.M.
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Davis is in California. Davisville is off the charts.

Davis is in California. Davisville is off the charts.   All images AlessandraRC   Shutterstock/Standard

Community journalism, the telling of the story of a community, manifests in different ways in the counties we cover at California Local.

One of the priveleges of our project is getting to know the people behind the story telling, whether it be professionally trained journalists working in local newsrooms or local residents sharing their thoughts in blogs or social media or sitting behind a microphone chatting about the doings of the day over the airwaves.

I recently and serendipitously stumbled across an example of the latter when I encountered the Davisville radio show/podcast

Local resident Bill Buchannan, who happens to be a longtime professional journo, hosts the show on local low-power radio station KDRT on 95.7 FM, and along with guests, considers the people, ideas, connections, and events related to his community. Episodes are recorded and published on the web.

Recent episodes include a discussion of ChatGPT with two UC Davis professors,  some local young people starting a hangout for the "creatively weird in Davis", and a deep dive into their Measure N parcel tax to fund local schools, which included the most cogent explanation of how public schools are funded I've yet encountered.

Bill Buchannan shines throughout with his warmth and genuine enthusiastic curiosity about the topic of each episode, and Davisville has been awarded numerous "Excellence in Journalism" awards from the San Francisco Press Club since the show's debut in 2008.

Though the City of Davis might be a long car (or bike!) trip away from some of you, Davisville is just a click away, and that is One Good Thing.

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