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United Ways of California is a nonprofit that promotes community well-being by focusing on education, health, and finances.

United Way operates on the national, state, and local levels, and United Ways of California was founded in 2008. The organization is involved in policy advocacy, focusing on several legislative and budget priorities every year. Some examples of co-sponsored legislation include the Housing Voucher Acceleration Program and the Advance Payments for Nonprofit State Contracting. Policies are focused on improving the health, education, economic stability, and community of low-income families.

United Ways of California also leads several initiatives to invest in children’s educational pathways. Programs ensure that children are ready to start school, gain reading proficiency by fourth grade, successfully transition into middle school, graduate from high school on time, and become as successful as possible in the workforce or higher education.

In terms of financial empowerment, United Ways of California actively connects California residents to tools and resources such as free tax filing assistance programs that help eligible residents claim tax credits, educational programs that teach about public benefits programs, and rent relief and eviction protection programs that keep people housed.

The organization’s impacts are numerous, including 20,796 Lyft rides purchased for Californians’ health, career, and social service purposes; 3,383 Californians enrolled in low-cost internet programs; 76,898 federal returns submitted through tax-free prep programs; and more. The website myfreetaxes.org helps low-income California families file taxes for free.

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Consider getting involved by volunteering your time, donating money, or both. Above you can learn about what services United Ways of California provides to the community and easily volunteer, donate, register for services, or connect with them on social media. Visit the Statewide Region Community Groups directory to see a comprehensive list of organizations on all subjects that are relevant to creating a vibrant local community.

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