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Inside One of the Capitol’s Most Secretive Processes

The suspense file allows lawmakers to shelve proposals that are too expensive. It also allows them to silently euthanize those that are controversial, opposed by powerful interest groups, or politically inconvenient.

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UC system takes another step toward keeping students debt-free

By officially prioritizing part-time work as a way for students to pay for college, the University of California moved closer to its goal of students avoiding burdensome loans by 2030.

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Ethnic studies and civics need to be taught together, not separately

Ethnic studies can teach our children about their commonalities and their unique identities. Civics can teach them how to work toward compromise. California’s plan, however, is for these lessons to be taught separately. That makes no sense.

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The Great Culling: Which California bills did legislators kill?

On suspense file day, legislators killed about 220 California bills on issues including education, health care, housing and workers.

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California’s new grads share lessons learned from college in a pandemic

Eight months into my first year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, in May 2021, I visited the university campus for the first time. Because of the pandemic, I was taking class virtually from 200 miles away, and repeated COVID-19 …

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Sticker shock as CA gas prices pass $6/gallon

The average price of a gallon of gas has officially surpassed $6 for the first time in California — and U.S. — history. The Golden State set a new record Wednesday with an average per-gallon cost of $6.05, though the …

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Will Voters Approve Sports Betting?

Four ballot measures to legalize sports wagering in California were proposed, but now it's down to two and only one might face voters this year.

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Cómo gastarían los lectores de CalMatters el superávit presupuestario del estado

En resumen Hablamos con los californianos sobre las prioridades de gastos del estado, las cuales trazaron en un juego especial de CalMatters la primavera pasada. El estado tiene un superávit récord este año. Read this article in English.    Los bolsillos …

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¿Cómo se desarrollaría Ron Galperin si es elegido como Controlador del Estado de California?

En resumen En una entrevista de 75 minutos con CalMatters, Ron Galperin, un demócrata que se postula para el controlador de California, promociona su experiencia como controlador de la ciudad de Los Ángeles. Se compromete a llevar algunas de sus …

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Estudiante reside en California por años pero aún no califica para la matrícula estatal

En resumen California exime a muchos estudiantes indocumentados de pagar la matrícula como si no fueran residentes en los colegios y universidades públicas del estado. Pero algunos huecos en la ley hacen que algunos estudiantes indocumentados e internacionales aún no …

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In California for years, but still can’t qualify for in-state tuition

California exempts many undocumented students from paying non-resident tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities. But gaps in the law mean that some undocumented and international students still don’t get exemptions — even if they’ve lived in the state …

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How CalMatters readers would spend the state’s budget surplus

We spoke to Californians about their spending priorities for the state's record-breaking surplus — priorities they picked while playing our 2022 budget game.