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Sticker shock as CA gas prices pass $6/gallon

The average price of a gallon of gas has officially surpassed $6 for the first time in California — and U.S. — history. The Golden State set a new record Wednesday with an average per-gallon cost of $6.05, though the …

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Will Voters Approve Sports Betting?

Four ballot measures to legalize sports wagering in California were proposed, but now it's down to two and only one might face voters this year.

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In California for years, but still can’t qualify for in-state tuition

California exempts many undocumented students from paying non-resident tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities. But gaps in the law mean that some undocumented and international students still don’t get exemptions — even if they’ve lived in the state …

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How CalMatters readers would spend the state’s budget surplus

We spoke to Californians about their spending priorities for the state's record-breaking surplus — priorities they picked while playing our 2022 budget game.

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Community involvement is key to solving housing crisis

Communities must focus on policies that prevent displacement of residents, preserve existing housing and increase housing affordable to lower-income residents.

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What would Ron Galperin do as California controller?

In a 75-minute interview with CalMatters, Ron Galperin, a Democrat running for California controller, touts his experience as city controller in Los Angeles. He pledges to bring some of his innovations statewide and calls homelessness an existential crisis.

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California braces for latest COVID surge

California may be in for its latest COVID surge: The test positivity rate hit 5% for the first time in months.

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Gimme Shelter: Attorney General Rob Bonta on housing law enforcement

On this episode of “Gimme Shelter: The California Housing Crisis Podcast,” CalMatters’ Manuela Tobias and the Los Angeles Times’ Liam Dillon sit down with California Attorney General Rob Bonta to discuss his approach to housing.

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‘Como una tortura’: para californianos con necesidades especiales, llegar a ver a un dentista puede tomar años

En resumen Decenas de miles de californianos con discapacidades requieren acomodamiento especial para el cuidado dental, pero solo 14 centros en el estado pueden tratarlos. Read this article in English.    La primera vez que Namirah Jones visitó al dentista a …

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‘Like torture’: For Californians with special needs, getting to see a dentist can take years

Tens of thousands of Californians with disabilities require special accommodations for dental care, but only 14 centers in the state can treat them.

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Four strategies for managing California’s crucial watershed

California is not doing a good job of tracking changes to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its watershed. That’s making it even tougher to manage the water that is available for the benefit of the state’s communities, economy and environment.

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CA’s progressive laws take a tumble in the courts

Good morning, California. It's Tuesday, May 17. Gender diversity law struck down As California pushes the envelope with progressive, first-in-the-nation policies, the courts are pushing back. The latest casualty: a controversial law requiring all [...].