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Adam Schiff and other California Democrats have urged President Joe Biden to withdraw from the November election after his poor debate performance against Donald Trump.


A judge has halted a union effort at the Wonderful Company, throwing into question a new state law designed to make it easier for agricultural workers to organize.


Farmworkers work on a field outside of Mendota in Fresno County on July 12, 2023. Photo by Larry Valenzuela, CalMatters/CatchLight Local


Urban water agencies serving a third of Californians won’t need to cut use, while Central Valley and desert cities face the most cuts.


A growing number of Democrats are saying President Biden can’t win and should step aside. But California’s governor is standing steadfastly behind him — and that could boost Newsom’s future political prospects.


Rep. Adam Schiff speaks during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on June 21, 2023. Photo by Jose Luis Magana, AP Photo


California State Hospitals can bill patients for the care they receive during confinement. The charges often run in the tens of thousands of dollars, putting vulnerable people in debt for years.

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