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Fact checking ads for California’s sports betting propositions

The campaigns for Propositions 26 and 27 on this November’s ballot have made a wide variety of claims, especially about how the money gleaned from sports betting in California will get distributed.

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A day of surprises at the Capitol

With a midnight Friday deadline to determine the fate of hundreds of bills on his desk, Gov. Gavin Newsom has been a busy man. On Wednesday, Newsom unexpectedly showed up at the vigil that members of the United Farm Workers …

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Newsom relents, signs farmworker union bill after pressure from Biden and labor

Two days before deadline, after vetoing a similar bill last year and resisting months of marches, vigils and posturing, including a note from President Biden, Newsom changed his mind on a farmworker labor bill

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Four in a row: California drought likely to continue

After its driest three-year stretch on record, California braces for another year with below-average snow and rain. Conditions are shaping up to be a “recipe for drought."

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Strong alliances could put a dent in the meth epidemic

Jail should not punish people just for using drugs; lengthy incarceration won’t help. Rather, we must use the criminal justice system strategically to promote behavioral change in people whose drug use threatens public safety.

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Governor signs contentious nursing home licensing bill that splintered advocates

The bill by two Assembly Democrats followed a CalMatters investigation that exposed serious flaws in the state’s nursing home licensing system.

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How one community pizza party is inspiring CalMatters Pizza & Politics events across California

Learn how to host your own pizza party this fall to promote nonpartisan civic knowledge for the 2022 election.

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Campus advocates provide key support to sexual assault survivors — but “superheroes” are in short supply

When Laura Swartzen saw the email from Sacramento State University’s Title IX office, it felt like her heart skipped a beat.  Swartzen, the Sac State confidential campus advocate, had spent the past nine months supporting a student who reported being …

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Family leave, farmworker bills come down to wire

Surrounded by members of the California Legislative Women's Caucus, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Tuesday a package of bills he said would advance California's "commitment to pay equity and supporting women." Among them: a bill requiring employers with at …

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State puts lipstick on its porcine IT project

For nearly two decades, California's state government has struggled to design and implement a comprehensive financial management system called FI$Cal but although it remains unfinished a new law declares it to be complete.

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CalMatters editors to break down the fall ballot at Politifest

CalMatters journalists stretch beyond traditional reporting to offer unique nonpartisan election insights at live events.

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Newsom signs abortion protections into law

As other states restrict or ban abortions, the California laws aim to improve access and protect patients and clinicians. They will also expand services to accommodate an expected influx from other states.