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Monterey County Families & Children Facilities

  1. Andy Jacobsen Park

    Park includes the Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail and benches.

  2. Arnett Park

    Park includes a playground, baseball diamond, picnic area with 3 tables and barbecue pit. Restrooms.

  3. Berwick Park

    Park includes walking trails, bike path, picnic areas, benches, and ocean views.

  4. Beta Park

    Small park with a playground, open play area, paved pathway, benches, and a picnic area.

  5. Bill Ramus Park

    The park features picnic tables with barbecues.

  6. Blas Santana Park

    The park features 1/2 court basketball, soccer field, bleacher seating, pit park, pathways, and a playground. Restrooms.

  7. Caledonia Park

    Park includes an ADA-compliant playground, tots play area, ball field, basketball court, and picnic tables. Restrooms.

  8. Capra Park

    Park includes a half basketball court, 2 swing sets, a picnic area, and paved pathways.

  9. Chester Aaroe Park - Little League Park

    The park features picnic tables, barbecue pits, baseball diamond, tennis courts, skate park and playground. Restrooms.

  10. David Cutino Park

    Includes a skate park, playground, lighted baseball/softball field, basketball and handball courts. Restrooms.

  11. Deer Flats Park

    Park includes a playground, small half basketball court, and picnic areas.

  12. Del Monte Beach

    An extension of Monterey State Beach, beach activities here include body surfing, boogie boarding and surfing, and picnicking.

  13. Del Rey Oaks Park

    The park has picnic areas with barbecues, basketball/volleyball courts, baseball/softball fields, and a playground. Restrooms.

  14. Dennis The Menace Playground

    Located in El Estero Park, this large playground includes a maze, rock climbing wall, wobbly bridge, tunnels and more. Restroom.

  15. Durant Park

    This park has an ADA-accessible playground and open play area, a picnic and barbecue area, benches, and paved pathways.

  16. El Estero Park

    Home to the Dennis the Menace playground, the park also has an exercise course, skate park, picnic area and softball park.

  17. El Estero Park Center

    The Center provides activities for all ages. It has meeting/multi-purpose rooms, a complete kitchen, preschool and dance studio.

  18. Ellis Park

    This park includes a playground, half basketball court, picnic area, and 10 horseshoe pits. Restrooms.

  19. Farallones Park

    Park includes a playground, open play area, and paved pathways.

  20. Fernando Park

    This small park includes a playground with a an open sandy area, trees, and a bench.

  21. Fisherman's Flats Park

    Park includes a playground, turf area, two picnic tables and one medium barbecue pit.

  22. Friendly Plaza

    Next to city hall with museums on either side, this park has terraced gardens, monuments, and trees with information plaques.

  23. Highland Otis Park

    This ADA-accessible park includes picnic areas with tables, a playground, and a few trees for shade.

  24. Hilltop Park Center

    The park and community center has 2 playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, playground, and a preschool program.

  25. Hoffman Park

    This park includes two playgrounds, open area, and a picnic area. Adjacent to Archer Park.

  26. Jacks Park

    Multi-use municipal sports park with lighted ball field and bleachers, and tot play area. Restrooms.

  27. Joe O. Ledesma Park

    This pocket park features a playground for school-age children, lawn areas, and benches.

  28. La Mesa Park

    Park includes a volleyball court, playground, paved pathway, and a small parking lot.

  29. Laguna Grande Park

    The park has 2 playgrounds, picnic areas with tables, barbecue areas, volleyball court, and a soccer field. Restrooms.

  30. Larkin Park

    Park includes a playground, a basketball court, a baseball field, and paved pathways.

  31. Lincoln Cunningham Park

    This park features a playground, picnic tables, open area, and pathways.

  32. Lovers Point Park and Beach

    The park has a beach volleyball court, children's pool, nature trails, bike rentals, lawn area, and picnic areas. Restrooms.

  33. Lum Memorial Park

    The park features picnic tables with barbecues and lawn areas, 1/2 court basketball, and a playground for school-age children.

  34. Manzanita Stuart Park

    Park includes a playground and an open field.

  35. Martin Park

    This ADA-accessible park includes a playground with an open area, and picnic tables with barbecue areas.

  36. Metz Park

    Facilities include a youth baseball/softball field, futsal court, 1/2 court basketball, stadium, concession building. Restrooms.

  37. Montecito Park

    This park includes a playground, a basketball court, volleyball court, picnic tables with barbecues. Restrooms.

  38. Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum

    The museum features a restored barn, school, blacksmith shop, and turn-of-the century farm implements.

  39. Monterey County Free Libraries - Soledad Branch

    Soledad branch of the Monterey Library system.

  40. Monterey State Beach

    The cities of Monterey and Seaside share the park, which has three separate beaches approximately a mile apart.

  41. Monterey Veterans Memorial Park

    50-acre park with campgrounds, hiking trails, picnic areas with barbecues, a playground, and basketball court. Restrooms.

  42. Oak Newton Park

    The park includes playgrounds, half basket ball court, picnic tables with barbecues, and paved paths. Restrooms.

  43. Pattullo Swim Center

    The Center offers swimming lessons, recreational swims and water exercise programs for all ages.

  44. Peter J. Ferrante Park

    The park has a softball diamond with bleachers, tot play equipment, picnic table with barbecue pits. Restrooms.

  45. Peverini Park

    This park features picnic tables with barbecues, a toddler playground, baseball backstop, open areas, and pathways. Restrooms.

  46. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

    Located along the Big Sur River, this park has hiking trails and a large campground. Big Sur Lodge is in the park. Restrooms.

  47. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

    The reserve can be used for sightseeing, photography, painting, nature study, picnicking, scuba diving, and jogging. Restrooms.

  48. Ramirez Park

    This neighborhood pocket park has a school-age playground, paved pathways, and lawn areas.

  49. Roberts Lake Park

    The park at Roberts Lake includes picnic tables, a sandy play area, and trails. Parking.

  50. Rotary Park

    The park has picnic tables and barbecues, benches, pathways, landscaping, and lawn areas.

  51. Sabado Park

    This park includes one swing set with an open area and pathways.

  52. Sampson Lane Playground

    This is a neighborhood playground located close to La Mesa Elementary School.

  53. San Carlos Beach Park

    The park is between Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row. It has picnic tables and access to the beach. Restrooms.

  54. Seaside Branch Library

    Part of the Monterey County Free Libraries system, the Seaside branch offers curbside service on demand during operating hours.

  55. Soledad Community Center

    Run by the South County YMCA, the Center has exercise classes, youth sports and programs, teen programs, childcare, and camps.

  56. Soper Field

    Includes a playground, baseball/softball field, and picnic tables with barbecue. Restrooms.

  57. Spruance Park

    The park has a playground a soccer field.

  58. Trinity Park

    This ADA-accessible park has a playground, and picnic tables with barbecues, and open area.

  59. Veterans Memorial Park

    The park has a playground for school-aged children, picnic areas with barbecues, and a green area big enough for youth soccer.

  60. Via Paraiso Park

    Park has a baseball field, two tennis courts, picnic tables, a playground, half basketball court, and trails. Restrooms.

  61. Vosti Park

    The park has a lighted ball field, volleyball court, soccer field, playground, and picnic area with barbecue. Restrooms.

  62. Whispering Pines Park

    This park features an amphitheater, covered picnic area with barbecue pit. Restrooms.

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