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Image caption: Many of Robert Kerbeck’s neighbors in Malibu Park lost their homes in the 2018 Woolsey Fire, which left behind lots where only chimneys still stood.
Give Your Home a Fighting Chance in a Wildfire

California wildfires are becoming larger, more frequent and more ferocious. ‘Malibu Burning’ author Robert Kerbeck shares simple steps you can take to protect your home.

Image caption: Flooding on the Salinas River in 2023 brought economic hardship to farmers and snarled traffic.
Disaster Prep: Alerts, Maps and Apps

Whether you’re on the Monterey Peninsula, in the Salinas Valley or Big Sur, keep these information resources handy on your smartphone.

Image caption: The Pajaro River levee broke during the 2023 atmospheric river storms, flooding the town of Pajaro.
Is California Ready for More Extreme Weather Driven by Climate Change?

This year, a series of extreme events in California and around the country have wreaked havoc, driven by climate change. How prepared are we for things to get worse?

Image caption: Kerry Wood, CEO of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, says the organization researches areas of need to help donors direct their contributions.
What Is a Community Foundation?

By channeling funds to a number of nonprofits working on various issues in a given region, community foundations help solve big problems throughout California.

Image caption: Just because record rains have been falling, the state’s water crisis remains.
What Is Drought? Probably Not What You Think

2023’s torrential rainstorms have eased California's drought conditions. But there’s a lot more to drought than the amount of rain, and this drought isn't over yet.

Image caption: With CERT training, volunteers can learn firefighting skills.
Emergency Teamwork

Fires, floods, earthquakes—California’s got it all. And CERT volunteers are ready to step in.

Image caption: Thousands of homeowners have been kicked off their fire insurance policies.
California Fire Insurance Crisis: How the State Helps Homeowners

As California insurance companies have revoked the fire policies of thousands of homeowners, the state has taken steps to get them covered again.

Image caption: Though it’s the most famous, the San Andreas Fault is just one of more than 500 active faults in California.
Battening Down for the Big One

Making it through the earthquake is the easy part. The hard part is surviving in the chaos that follows.

Image caption: Supercell storms are just one of many weather phenomena in the era of climate change.
The New Vocabulary of the Climate Change Era

The climate change era has created a whole new set of terms for a wide variety of storms and other weather phenomena. Here are some of the most important.

Image caption:
How Not to Feel the Burn

California residents can turn to these public and private entities to help prepare for wildfires and protect their property.

Image caption: A Pyrocumulus cloud generated by the Dixie Fire in July, 2021.
What is Fire 'Containment?' That and Other Terms, Explained

What does it mean when firefighters call a fire "contained?" Here's a brief guide to commonly used fire prevention terminology.

Image caption: A smoky blanket of particulate matter hovers over San Francisco’s skyline.
Getting Acquainted With AQI

Learn what's getting into Californians’ lungs and why it matters.

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Image for display with article titled After Over a Month on the Water, Rowing Teams Finish a Voyage From Monterey to Hawaii.

Flares illuminated the night sky around 4:30am on Friday morning, July 19, as a team of four women called The Hericanes rowed across the finish line in Kaua'i.

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A $2.25 million CalTrans grant was awarded to the Transportation Agency for Monterey County to conduct study on vulnerability of an 8-mile long section of Highway 1 at Moss Landing to effects of climate change and storm surges.

California Local Pin Marker From CalMatters...

Heat waves have killed hundreds of Californians and cost billions of dollars in the past decade, according to a new report from the state insurance department.

California Local Pin Marker From CalMatters...

Nearly every major environmental group in California opposes a bill that would modify the state’s signature environmental law to speed up upgrades to power lines. Supporters say it would help free the state from fossil fuels and make the grid more reliable, but opponents fear it would damage state parks.

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The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership announced $45 million in California Public Utilities Commission grants to three local Internet Service Providers to expand broadband to unserved areas.

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Image for display with article titled Monterey County Implements New Ways to Access Non-Emergency Assistance

The County of Monterey’s Emergency Communications Department (ECD) operates the countywide consolidated emergency communications system for emergency and non-emergency call answering, as well as dispatch services for a majority of Monterey County.

California Local Pin Marker From Los Angeles Times...

Before the first official day of summer, almost 90,000 acres have been burned in California wildfires.

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Image for display with article titled Paul's Slide in Big Sur to Finally Reopen Sunday, June 23.

Caltrans announced today that due to favorable conditions, Highway 1 at Paul's Slide in Big Sur will reopen Sunday, June 23, freeing up a 4.3-mile section of the highway.

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Image for display with article titled King City Beautification Week Kicks Off This Weekend

King City’s Beautification Week is just around the corner, and residents and businesses are urged to pick a project to beautify the town.

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With multiple fires already burning in the state, forecasters predict the coming fire season will be "very active."

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Tens of thousands of California homeowners, especially those who live in areas at risk of wildfires, have lost their insurance or have to pay more to keep coverage. One after another, major companies have pulled out of the state, many citing the cost of claims.

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Image for display with article titled Supervisors Approve Pilot Project to Fund Eucalyptus Tree Removal in North County.

On June 4, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve a pilot project to help fund the removal of invasive eucalyptus trees within defensible space of structures or roads within District 2, i.e. North County.

California Local Pin Marker From CalMatters...

The two-day CalMatters Ideas Festival wrapped on June 6 with more than a dozen events examining critical policy issues impacting the lives of millions of Californians.

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Cal State Fullerton researchers released findings of ancient floods in Southern California which indicate the state may be more prone to mega flooding than previously thought.

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CalTrans reported steady progress at three Monterey County sites with an estimated full opening of Highway 1 in late autumn.

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The office of Rep. Jimmy Panetta announced the award of a $6 million federal grant to support the Rancho Cañada Floodplain Restoration Project work being undertaken by the California State Coastal Conservancy.

California Local Pin Marker From CalMatters...

As funds for climate change programs are cut, Democrats and environmentalists are pushing for a bond measure on the ballot to restore some funding.

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Image for display with article titled Limited Access on Highway 1 Creates Hardship, but Also Some Magic, in Big Sur.

The paved, two-lane portion of Highway 1 through Big Sur is an attraction unto itself. It’s also the artery that residents, employees, emergency responders and tourists use to get to and from the remote community.

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Image for display with article titled A Comprehensive Study of Unsustainable Groundwater Pumping in the County Is Cause for Alarm.

On May 9, staff from the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency presented its board a long-awaited study about the so-called Deep Aquifers, which have been increasingly mined in recent years as seawater intrusion marches inland.

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