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Macy's announces plan to close 150 stores

Macy's plans to close 150 of its stores, including 50 by the end of 2024.

Border Patrol is dropping off hundreds of migrants at San Diego trolley station after welcome center closes

Bob Dylan joins Willie Nelson's Outlaw Festival tour bound for the Hollywood Bowl in July

Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson are reuniting to co-headline Nelson's Outlaw Music Festival when it launches in June. They play the Hollywood Bowl on July 31.

From Mammoth to Tahoe, powerful blizzard could sock Sierra with up to 12 feet of snow

A powerful storm taking aim at California starting Thursday could bring the strongest blizzard of the winter for the Sierra Nevada.

Will CA voters like ‘Newsom recall, the sequel’ any better?

How a proposal to keep opinions off UC websites could dangerously restrict speech

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Academy with millions of dollars in government funding helps hospitality workers get better jobs

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What would Adam Schiff do as California’s U.S. senator?

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Pot shops owed millions in taxes. So, California sold their bongs and pipes, and made $2,075

The state auctioned off 10 dispensaries' TVs and furniture as well as water pipes and bongs. It didn't make much of a dent in the taxes they owed.

With state approval, Rancho Palos Verdes to fast-track landslide mitigation

State officials determined Monday that Rancho Palos Verdes can utilize an already-established state of emergency to expedite landslide stabilization efforts as the crisis escalates.

Sewage could be California's next tool in fighting the opioid epidemic

One California legislator is proposing a law that would require wastewater plants across the state to routinely test sewage for illicit drugs to help inform public health and law enforcement officials.

14 spots along Bay Area freeways did not pass fire inspections

The inspections came after a fire was started under LA's Interstate 10.

Squatters set up at a Hollywood Hills home. When police knocked, an OnlyFans model answered

The squatters made a fake lease agreement and put bicycle locks over several doors, according to the real estate agents who recounted the ordeal.

'Why Costa Mesa? Why not Santa Ana?' A buzzy mercado reflects a changing O.C.

Mercado González in Costa Mesa is the first Mexican-style mercado of its kind in Southern California — and a sign of one city's shifting politics

Despite scandal, the race for Kevin de León's seat has been lacking in fireworks

As they seek to unseat Los Angeles City Councilmember Kevin de León, some challengers say they are focusing on a positive vision, not negative attacks.

Meet some of the biggest donors shaping California's U.S. Senate race

Here are the biggest donors in the 2024 California Senate race, both for and against the top candidates: Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, Steve Garvey and Barbara Lee. Donors include unions, Native American tribes, cryptocurrency billionaires, Hollywood players and other wealthy …

Latino political power emerges in South L.A.

For the first time in generations, a Latino has a good chance of being elected in South L.A. The candidates are focusing on who can bridge Black and Latino voices.

Your guide to the California Senate candidates' views of housing and homelessness

No issue matters more to Californians than housing and homelessness. Catch up on where the major Senate candidates stand on the subject.

A new dawn for Latino politicians in L.A. County's 'corridor of corruption'

In Southeast L.A. County, a new generation of politicians is pushing back against the region's doom-loop reputation by trying something new: working together.

Patt Morrison: Take a walk through L.A.'s spectacular, neglected and paved-over cemeteries

Cemeteries -- grand and all-but-forgotten -- dot our landscape. Here are their stories -- and the stories of Angelenos who found their final rest there.

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