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Image caption: Every now and then, it's important to focus on good things.
One Good Thing

We announce a new initiative and invite our members to contribute.

Image caption: Yosemite Falls in Yosemite Valley.
The Rainbows of Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Valley is extraordinary, and in certain places at certain times of the day, magical. A brief insider's guide to a special place and time in Yosemite National Park, including a short video of the springtime rainbows of Yosemite Falls.

Image caption: Kindergartners during recess at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland.
Our Students Need More Recess

More frequent outdoor breaks can improve student attention, reduce behavior problems. Over the last decade, a growing list of U.S. states—including Missouri, Florida and New Jersey—have mandated daily recess. California joined the trend in late 2023.

Image caption: Gov. Gavin Newsom looking troubled in a file photo.
State of the State? We'll See.

Prop 1, Gov. Gavin Newsom's signature plan to confront the twin problems of homelessness and the mental health crisis, was expected to cruise to victory. It did not.

Image caption: A customer picks produce at the Fairfield Farmers' Market on June 15, 2023.
Popular Farmers Market Program Faces Cuts

A popular program that doubles CalFresh benefits at farmers markets is on the chopping block as California leaders try to close a yawning budget deficit.

Image caption:
Pi Day Desert Recipes

We know that Pi Day, 3.14, is universally celebrated by eating pie, but our friends at Sac Digs Gardening apparently prefer other delicious treats. Here you will find a bunch of desert recipes from their cookbook, Taste Spring!

Image caption:
Short Video: Wes Anderson's 1st Oscar

The beloved auteur won his first Oscar for his live action short 'The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar,' based on a magical story by Roald Dahl.

Image caption: Joyce and Sharon Jones poke holes in a water bottle to water their garden next to their trailer at Camp Resolution on Feb. 28, 2024. The camp has no running water, so residents must rely on bottled water for all their needs.
Experimental Sacramento Homeless Camp Faces Closure

Camp Resolution, a self-governed, city-sanctioned homeless encampment, was supposed to be a model for future sites. Now it’s under threat of prosecution.

Image caption:
Political Economics and the Movies

In the wake of the Oscars, we consider the role film plays in helping us understand ourselves and our culture, and reveal the story of Hollywood's role in our state's history and economy.

Image caption:
Why ‘Barbie’ Deserved a Best Picture Oscar

From now on, girls will learn from Barbie that they live in a world where men subjugate women. They will receive this truth during a joyous cinematic spectacle.

Image caption: California almond orchard in bloom. The state produces the vast majority of the world’s almond supply—about 80 percent. That number has skyrocketed over the past decade
Will the End of the Almond Boom Save California Water?

LA Times report, ‘After years of rapid growth, California’s almond industry struggles amid low prices,’ suggests bankruptcies may represent an opportunity.

Image caption: Poll workers Twyla Carpenter, left, and Regina Jasperse inspect the lock on a mail ballot drop box at a polling station at the American Legion in Shasta County on Nov. 7, 2023.
California Election Workers Return After COVID and Conspiracy Theories

They had to get through the pandemic, election denial and scary envelopes. While some left, counties now say they’re having better luck recruiting poll workers.

Image caption: The Swanton Berry Farm, on Highway 1 north of Santa Cruz, became California's first organic commercial strawberry farm when it was launched in 1983.
March 4, 2024: Food—Fast, Slow and Plenty

Fast food workers in California will soon earn a minimum of $20 an hour, thanks to a new state law. To celebrate, we take a look at the chains that got their start in the Golden State—and other ways we …

Image caption: The city of Downey is home to the oldest McDonald’s restaurant still in operation.
Beyond the Burger

McDonald’s might be the biggest fast-food chain to get cooking in California, but many others have followed, serving up hot dogs, tacos, and more.

Image caption: Terrie Tabb, who joined the SSHH program with a friend in 2010, says, “They took us in and gave us our first place to stay.”
How Sacramento Self-Help Housing Became a Force

Founding CEO John Foley and others speak about SSHH’s roots and early successes.

Image caption: Downtown Sacramento, seen from  Sutter's Landing Park in Midtown.
California’s Awesome Capital City

If you have a hard time understanding why in the world anyone would choose to place the seat of California government where they did—you don't know Sacramento.

Image caption: Sign up for a free spin through the Capitol Building and its gardens.
20 Free Things to Do in Sacramento County

Home to the state capital, Sacramento County offers many amusements for visitors and locals alike. But only some require no cash outlay.

Image caption:
Publishing in Paradise

Based in California’s most iconic vacation spot, Katherine Hill celebrates Tahoe Guide’s 42nd birthday.

Image caption: The 1965 law known as the Williamson Act has been responsible for keeping about half of California's farmland out of the hands of developers.
The Williamson Act: How the Law That Protects California’s Farmland Works

The Williamson Act, passed in 1965, now keeps more than 16 million acres of farmland out of the hands of developers. Here's how the law puts the brakes on the development of California agricultural properties.

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