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Bill to Mandate ‘Science of Reading’ in California Classrooms Dies

A bill to mandate use of the method will not advance in the Legislature this year in the face of teachers union opposition.

Image caption: The O Lot Safe Sleeping site at Balboa Park in San Diego on March 22, 2024.
Is San Diego Homeless Camp Ban ‘Successful’?

A new bill would make it illegal for homeless residents to camp in certain places, such as near schools, throughout California. Its authors say such a ban has had great success in San Diego. But a closer look at that …

Image caption: Digital Democracy reporter Ryan Sabalow, left, and CalMatters senior editor Dave Lesher review a Digital Democracy page in the CalMatters newsroom on April 3, 2024.
Digital Democracy Ramps Up Accountability of CA Legislature

In an analysis of more than 1 million votes cast by current legislators since 2017, CalMatters Digital Democracy reporter Ryan Sabalow and CBS Sacramento reporter Julie Watts found that Democrats vote “no” less than 1% of the time on average.

Image caption: Felicia Van Stolk in her museum's front-yard garden.
A Native-Plant Garden Helps Transform a Neighborhood

On Hilltromper, a conversation with Felicia Van Stolk of the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History about her Garden Learning Center.

Image caption: Joy Perrin, a mother of two children, testifies at the Budget Subcommittee on Human Services hearing at the state Capitol in Sacramento March 20, 2024. With the help of CalWORKS, Perrin was able to secure housing for her and her family.
California May Gut Two CalWORKS Programs Helping Thousands of Families

The state is considering zeroing out funds for CalWORKS family stabilization and job subsidy programs to help balance the budget.

Image caption: A beaver dam and pond in the eastern Sierra.
Beavers Can Help Stop Wildfires

Beavers create unburned islands where plants and animals can shelter from megafires, research has confirmed. A movement is afoot to reintroduce the rodents to the state's waterways.

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BloomTracker: Wildflower Finder & Protector from Hilltromper

Over at Hilltromper, “The Nature-worshiping, Fun-Loving Adventure Guide” that serves the South Bay Area, Santa Cruz County, and anyone who visits these beautiful places, our friend Mike Kahn has just launched a new product he named BloomTracker—“an online resource that …

Image caption: Kindergartners during recess at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland.
Our Students Need More Recess

More frequent outdoor breaks can improve student attention, reduce behavior problems. Over the last decade, a growing list of U.S. states—including Missouri, Florida and New Jersey—have mandated daily recess. California joined the trend in late 2023.

Image caption: California almond orchard in bloom. The state produces the vast majority of the world’s almond supply—about 80 percent. That number has skyrocketed over the past decade
Will the End of the Almond Boom Save California Water?

LA Times report, ‘After years of rapid growth, California’s almond industry struggles amid low prices,’ suggests bankruptcies may represent an opportunity.

Image caption: If there’s one thing Donald Trump supporters hate more than “liberal” San Francisco, it’s Taylor Swift. So they’re now 49ers fans for the Super Bowl.
Taylor Swift Has San Francisco-Hating Trump Fans Rooting for the ’49ers

Taylor Swift is so hated by fans of Donald Trump, they’ve set aside their hatred of San Francisco to root for the ’49ers in the Super Bowl, because Swift’s boyfriend plays for their opponents, the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Teen Parents Helped by Hanford Program

High school students who become parents have around a 50% chance of dropping out. The HOPE program helps change this paradigm.

Image caption: California State Controller Malia Cohen says tax deferral for Shohei Ohtani (inset) creates “a significant imbalance in the tax structure.”
Shohei Ohtani’s Contract Might Cost California $98M in Taxes

MLB megastar is deferring $680 million in pay to when he might live out of state.

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Beware the Killer Dogs of Riverside County

The Los Angeles Times reports on the havoc wrought by feral dogs in a remote desert town.

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Golden Gate Bridge Gets Suicide Prevention Barrier

The number of deaths by suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge has already begun to fall with the installation of protective, 20-foot-wide mesh nets on either side.

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Ending ‘Food Apartheid’ in Los Angeles

Small stores are working with nonprofits to shift an old paradigm—that it's often harder for people in low-income areas to access fresh fruit or produce.

Image caption: Climate change has stressed the Peninsula’s forested areas, including the iconic Monterey cypress.
Stormy Weather Ahead for Monterey’s Trees

Hundreds of trees fell in the Monterey area last winter. This winter might pose problems as well.

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Oakland Faces Tough Times

San Francisco can sometimes be a punching bag for conservatives, but its neighbor to the east also has its issues, from crime to homelessness.

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LA Times Gets Cease-and-Desist Ahead of Cannabis Story

The Los Angeles Times went ahead with publication of the investigative story on Stiiizy and its co-founder, Tony Huang.

Image caption: London Breed, in her first term as mayor, will run for a second term in November.
SF Mayoral Race Could Widen

Just two people have announced they are running against the first-term mayor, but three other candidates might join the race.

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Requiem for a Whale

Voice of San Diego looks at what happens when a deceased whale washes up on a local beach—and how this contrasts with past practices.

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