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The Save the American River Association was formed to protect and preserve the American River, located in the Sacramento Valley.

Save the American River Association was founded in 1961 to improve the quality of life for the area’s wildlife while finding a balance between the river’s natural habitats and the popular fishing and recreational water sports that draw thousands of visitors each year. Every member of SARA is a volunteer, and they work hard as the guardians of what is known as the “crown jewel” of Sacramento’s regional park system.

SARA protects and cares for the American River Parkway area, which spans around 29 miles from Folsom Dam to the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers. It also covers the Lower American River region, approximately 23 miles of land and water. SARA is currently the only local organization whose sole mission is to protect the river and fight for public land interest and water quality.

SARA will fight hard for what they believe in. For example, a 17-year legal battle against East Bay Municipal District ended in a win, protecting the amount of water pulled from the river, as well as proper usage.

Anyone can join the cause by volunteering or donating to SARA through its official website.

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