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California Homebuilding Foundation advances the homebuilding industry by providing scholarships, research, and workforce education programs. The Foundation offers high school students hands-on training that instills work-ready skills.

Mission Statement

Leading, Advancing & Supporting the California Homebuilding Industry, One New Builder at a Time.

With over four decades of philanthropic experience, the California Homebuilding Foundation is the industry’s leading and most highly regarded non-profit organization guiding students on the limitless potential of future careers in homebuilding as well as providing industry leaders with critically important tools essential to ensure their legacy is fully realized within construction-related fields.

Through the distribution of scholarships, the publishing of key industry research findings and the creation of innovative educational programs, the California Homebuilding Foundation offers opportunity for everyone to professionally flourish while building a stronger foundation for California’s future together.

The California Homebuilding Foundation’s culture is driven by trust, constructive debate and leadership that empowers excellence. The California Homebuilding Foundation Board of Trustees and staff strive to listen, learn, and model openness and transparency. We are accountable to the individuals and organizations we serve as well as to the laws that govern our 501 (c)3 nonprofit status.

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