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The Effie Yeaw Nature Center, operated by the American River Natural History Association, provides educational and interpretive programs and information about the natural environment, principally in the American River Parkway.

Effie Yeaw, a teacher and conservationalist, began to lead nature walks in 1955. She, along with other locals, recognized the importance of appreciating and preserving the natural habitat along the American River in Carmichael, and she began to raise awareness with other local groups. She also trained local guides and worked with William P. Pond (then the director of the Sacramento County Parks Department) to develop what is now known today as American River Parkway and the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. 

Today, the goals of the nature center are to provide opportunities for visitors to appreciate, understand and enjoy the region’s natural and cultural resources, and to provide awareness and understanding of the need to conserve its resources and protect its quality.

Effie Yeaw Nature Center provides various camps, classes, and events for local youths and educational opportunities for all ages. The center also cares for some 30 non-releasable native animals.

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