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BAWSI, short for Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative, helps female athletes empower girls and women to take charge of their lives. Programs focus on increasing resilience among children facing adversity.

In BAWSI, women athletes are mobilized to transform the future of girls, women, and their families in underserved communities. Its programs address the health and lifestyle problems resulting from lack of physical exercise. The group values authenticity, mindfulness, integrity, collaboration, enthusiasm, playfulness, and gratitude for every opportunity.

Such programs as BAWSI Girls and BAWSI Rollers along with an after-school curriculum make exercise a fun and social outlet for girls and women. The group also provides a women’s program that encourages positivity, weekly fitness, and balanced nutrition. By engaging the community through programs and activities, BAWSI has worked with more than 5,000 girls in 19 elementary schools and more than 450 women. 

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