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The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy is a nonprofit community group that is actively engaged in advocating for ecological and environmental values in the local community through education, advocacy and stewardship of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens, located in downtown San Jose. The conservancy offers leadership experiences for people to learn about such values and hosts fundraising parties to support its work.

El Pueblo de San José was founded in 1777, along the Guadalupe River, and this waterway was neglected for many, many years. Before 1941, when the U.S Army Corps of Engineers provided flood protection along the river, the Guadalupe would flood adjacent homes and businesses, causing economic loss. Today the Guadalupe River Park is being developed by the city of San Jose, which in recent years incorporated Rotary PlayGarden within the park.

Currently, the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy focuses on educational programs that promote awareness of the park and garden. One of the ongoing projects is the Historic Orchard Revitalization Project, where the community is preserving more than 1,200 apple varieties and stabilizing a historic variety. Conservancy members are also active in fostering knowledge of wild animals and health of the river by updating the website along with social media accounts. 

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