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Millions are getting sick due to a lack of health education. TeachAids provides basic information to help individuals minimize the risk of certain illnesses and traumas.

Founded in 2009, TeachAids is a nonprofit organization that melds medicine, communications, technology, and design thinking to better the lives of individuals. The group has collaborated with more than 250 partners—including NGOs, government entities, and hospitals—to voice its concerns and distribute resources around the world. 

The organization recognizes the importance of education to keep people healthy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TeachAids has been providing information to prevent the spread of the virus and has just launched the site CovidDB.org.

Connecting With Community Groups in Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County community groups and nonprofits play a fundamental role in making this a safe and thriving place.

Consider getting involved by volunteering your time, donating money, or both. Above you can learn about what services Teach Aids provides to the community and easily volunteer, donate, register for services, or connect with them on social media. Visit the Santa Clara County Community Groups directory to see a comprehensive list of organizations on all subjects that are relevant to creating a vibrant local community.

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