Man, Reportedly Drunk and/or Drugged, Burns Car To Scare Bears

PUBLISHED JUL 16, 2021 12:00 A.M.
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Sometimes CHP photo editors have fun.

Sometimes CHP photo editors have fun.   Courtesy CHP

The Sac Bee’s Amelia Davidson apparently resisted the urge to make fun of a man whose car was found burning along a remote stretch of I-80 yesterday. Her lede is deadpan: “The California Highway Patrol responded Thursday morning to a car fire in Truckee that the driver reportedly started to try to scare away bears.”

The event took place near the last California exit on I-80 in the pre-dawn hours. CHP determined that the man was under the influence of some kind of substance and he was taken into custody.

While reporter Davidson did restrain herself, the CHP photo illustrator apparently did not. (See above.)

Read: “A man set his car on fire alongside Interstate 80 to try to scare away bears, CHP says” at the Sacramento Bee..

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