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Mercury Rising
In a series of articles, the Los Angeles Times explores the most literal result of global warming: extreme heat.

Image caption: The schoolhouse was the biggest building in Allensworth, the town founded by Col. Allen Allensworth, which is now a state park.
Civil Rights, Historical Wrongs
Sacramento-based news outlet talks to Jonathan Burgess and L. Dee Slade, both testifying before the Reparations Task Force.

Image caption: Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of wireless radio—an old-school form of signal boosting.
Deep Dive into California’s Big Blue
In a comprehensive six-part series, resident Tahoe Weekly historian Mark McLaughlin explores ‘Who Owns the Water in Lake Tahoe & Truckee River?’

Image caption: Tahoe Institute of Natural Sciences has taught thousands of people about the region’s natural ecosystems.
The Science of Beauty
Tahoe Weekly writes about the region’s go-to source for esoteric natural history information.

Image caption: Northern pintails and many other species of waterfowl depend on marshland in the Klamath Basin during migration.
Dying for Fresh Water
This year, an estimated 60,000 birds have been poisoned by botulism in one of the oldest waterfowl conservation reserves in the state.

Image caption: Matt Werner’s “Burning Man: The Musical” lampoons how moneyed visitors eschewed the festival’s original grassroots ethos.
The Playa’s the Thing
Palo Alto Weekly interviews Matt Werner, whose play ‘Burning Man: The Musical’ is available on Broadway On Demand and Streaming Musicals.

Image caption: Truckee's 'Moonshine Ink' newspaper offers a unique package of fire coverage.
Moonshine Ink Covers Ongoing Fires From Multiple Angles
Moonshine Ink newspaper in Truckee provides updates on the latest fires in the region, as well as wildfire preparation, firefighting methods and other angles on the fire crisis.

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Mapping California
In an article by Priya Hutner of the Tahoe Weekly, author, poet and naturalist Obi Kaufmann talks about his latest work: a new book and a documentary film that screens online Sept. 9.

Image caption: Using funds from the California Urban Rivers Grant Program, Roseville got to work on habitat restoration along Dry Creek.
Restoration in Roseville
Work to improve both water quality and fish habitat is proceeding along Dry Creek, a popular recreation area in central Roseville.

Image caption: PG&E now says it plans to place 10,000 miles of power lines underground.
After Dixie Fire, PG&E Announces Plan to Put 10,000 Miles of Wire Underground
After admitting a power line may have started the Dixie Megafire in Butte County, PG&E now says it will place 10,000 miles of power lines underground.

Image caption: Sometimes CHP photo editors have fun.
Nominate This Guy for a Darwin Award
The Sac Bee’s Amelia Davidson apparently resisted the urge to make fun of a man whose car was found burning along a remote stretch of I-80 yesterday.

Image caption: California law requires counties to make data on workplace COVID outbreaks public, but only 20 counties do.
Counties Scoff at Workplace COVID Data Law
A new report reveals that only 20 counties have complied with a law requiring release of workplace COVID outbreak data.

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Shining a Light on the Tahoe Economy
In a series of articles, Moonshine Ink delves into the economy of the Tahoe-Truckee region, and the problems faced by locals.

Image caption: ATF agents found automatic weapons, including parts of AK-47s, that had been altered using various kits—so-called "ghost guns."
Sac Fire Captain Faces ‘Ghost Gun’ Charges
Ryan Sabalow of the Sacramento Bee tells the tale of a reportedly heroic Sacramento Metropolitan Fire captain who police say was manufacturing illegal automatic weapons at his home in rural El Dorado County.

Image caption: Laird defended the education budget process on the floor of the senate.
Schools Finally Get Needed Funding
EdSource spoke with Sen. John Laird Monday regarding the “historic” education funding contained in the budget the legislature had just sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Image caption: A sled corral full of broken plastic sleds at Fallen Leaf Lake Hill.
Tahoe Weekly Tackles Trash
Tahoe Weekly’s Priya Hunter offers deep reporting and her personal perspective on a serious trash problem that has roiled Lake Tahoe and the mountain communities that surround it since last summer.


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