New Site Aims to Boost Sacramento’s Black-Owned Businesses

Sacramento Observer reports on and founder Chris Lodgson

PUBLISHED JAN 16, 2022 12:53 A.M.
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The Sacramento Farmers Market features numerous Black-owned businesses.

The Sacramento Farmers Market features numerous Black-owned businesses.   Downtowngal / Wikimedia Commons   C.C. 3.0 Share-Alike License

A new website aims to connect Sacramento’s Black-owned businesses with customers, potential employees and other businesses. The site,, was founded by 38-year-old Chris Lodgson, who brings his experience with such nonprofits as Help USA and Street Soccer USA to his project designed to promote the growth and success of Black business owners and entrepreneurs, according to a report by Nicholas Ibarra in the Sacramento Observer.

The site grew out of a Facebook group started by Lodgson in 2016—the year after he relocated to Sacramento from New York—Sac Black Biz Community and Commerce. The group now has about 9,500 members, as well as another 10,000 in a related Facebook group, an FB page, and an Instagram account, according to the Observer report.

While is free to businesses who simply want their information added to an online directory, a $5 monthly subscription fee applies for customers to access the directory. Businesses can also choose among three levels of subscriptions, priced at $10, $15, and $20 per month, which “grants them access to the directory along with other opportunities, such as ads on their various social media pages, features on the website, and customer referrals,” according to Ibarra’s report.

For further details about Lodgson and, see the full Sacramento Observer story at this link.

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