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EA Family Services provide a wide variety of services for youth in foster care. Team members work with foster parents and placement workers.

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Supreme Court Upholds California Ban on Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products


SCOTUS rejected a last-minute plea from the tobacco industry and cleared the way for enforcement of a statewide ban that includes menthol cigarettes.

After Changes to State’s Prenatal Testing Program, Women Report Delays


In online pregnancy discussion groups, dozens of California women have detailed their long waits for results and the anxiety it has caused.

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Image caption: Migrants wait in line while California border activists organize the group to enter the U.S. and seek asylum through the Chaparral entryway in Tijuana, Mexico on Dec. 22, 2022.
Border Scramble

The Supreme Court is keeping in place, for now, Title 42 — the pandemic policy that OK’d migrant expulsions. California has yet to figure out how to meet the needs of an influx of migrants when it does go away.

Image caption: The newly opened Presidio Tunnel Tops provides free entertainment in pricy San Francisco.
Cheaper Thrills

California has some top-notch tourist attractions—with top-shelf prices. Here are some that won’t break the bank.

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California’s Reparations Could Include Tuition, Housing Grants

California’s first-in-the-nation task force to identify reparations said business loans, housing grants, tuition, wage and job protections could provide redress for African Americans.

Image caption: New Year's Day has been a time for celebration for at least 4,000 years.
Happy New Year, Explained

New Year's celebrations have been around as long as civilization itself. Here's how they started and how California marks the New Year today.

Image caption: A new bill would expand the state's paid family leave.
New Bill Makes Paid Family Leave Affordable for All Workers

A new bill now in the state Senate would make paid family leave accessible even to workers on the lowest end of the income spectrum.

Image caption: Participants in a recent board meeting of the Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee discuss affordable housing in the wake of a pandemic-fueled boom in real estate prices.
Paradise Found

A pandemic-fueled real estate boom has exploded in the Tahoe-Truckee region. Mountain Housing Council is working to ensure that locals can keep their own little slices of heaven.

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