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Apology for Slavery, Funding Frameworks for Reparations Advance


California lawmakers voted to offer an official apology for the state’s role in supporting slavery and moved several reparations bills but let others die.

Decadeslong Delta Tunnel Water Project May Finally Be Nearing a Historic Decision


It’s been almost a half-century since I first heard the term “peripheral canal” uttered by William Gianelli, who was then-Gov. Ronald Reagan’s top water official. The project, in one form or another, had already been kicking around for decades.

Why UC Grad Students Are Going Out on Strike


The job action starting today at UC Santa Cruz isn’t about pay, but instead is in response to how UC deployed police to clear pro-Palestinian encampments on campuses.

$20 Billion: The Delta Tunnel’s New Price Tag


The centerpiece of California’s water wars pits Gov. Newsom against local communities and environmentalists. A new report says the benefits of the tunnel exceed the cost since other water supplies would cost more.

California’s Staggering Budget Deficit Squashes Hundreds of Bills


The state’s multibillion-dollar shortfall shapes which spending bills survived the ‘suspense file’ hearings by the Assembly and Senate appropriations committees.

California’s Lagging Economy Hinders Efforts to Close State Budget Deficit


As Gov. Gavin Newsom and state legislators spend the next few weeks fashioning a state budget that’s plagued by a multibillion-dollar deficit, they can’t count on a booming economy to make their task easier.

Should California Doctors Report Domestic Abuse to Police? Here’s How Physician Lawmakers Voted


Pending legislation would lift requirements for California’s doctors to report all domestic abuse cases to police. The Assembly’s three physicians had different opinions.

These California Schools Connect Kids to Community Services. Will They Survive Budget Cuts?


Gov. Gavin Newsom launched the community school initiative with $4.1 billion in grants to connect students and their families to medical care, counseling and other services.

How Congress Is Letting Die an Internet Connectivity Lifeline for Millions


More than half of the U.S. House supports a bill to extend the funds, but it can’t get out of committee.

Metal Detectors, Fear, Frustration. College Commencements Altered Amid Gaza War Protests


At many universities across the country, graduation for the Class of 2024 will feel more like making it through airport security than a procession through a free-flowing campus green or a cheering stadium crowd.

San Benito County Road Projects Update


In their April 30 meeting, the San Benito County Board of Supervisors were updated on local road projects by Public Works, including the New Idria Road, which will be completed by the end of May.

County Governments Receive Transportation Grant


The San Benito County Council of Governments have received an $8.2 million grant for transportation infrastructure from the California Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program and Zero Emission Transit Capital Program.

Community Wildfire Prevention Plan to be Updated


The California Coastal Conservancy and the California Department of Conservation have provided a $700,000 grant for local agencies to update their Community Wildfire Prevention Plans.

School District Reconfiguring Local Schools


In response to new housing developments, the Hollister School District is reconfiguring area schools to serve a shifting population.

California's Population Increased Last Year for First Time Since 2020


During the much-ballyhooed “California exodus” amid the pandemic, remote workers moved to other states where they could live for a fraction of the cost compared to cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Chuckwalla National Monument Would Protect Swath of California Desert and Preserve a Sacred Land


Indigenous Californians want President Biden to establish a national monument in a stretch of desert that is both an ecological wonder and a window into their cultures.

Who Killed CA Utility Bill Legislation?


A bill to rein in a proposed monthly fee on California electric bills would let California’s largest for-profit utility companies charge customers $24 per month — with fees as low as $6 for lower-income customers — as a kind of membership fee for the power grid.

Arts Council Opens Submissions for Summer Exhibition


The San Benito Arts Council is accepting submissions for an exhibition to be displayed at the Art Depot in Hollister between June 8 and July 19.

Hazel Hawkins Proposals Finalizing


The number of organizations submitting proposals for the management or ownership of Hazel Hawkins dropped down to three before the April 29 deadline.

Rural Counties Far From Universities Struggle to Recruit Teachers


Nine counties located more than an hour away from universities with teacher preparation programs face particular difficulties.

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