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Image caption: Does California’s signature environmental law protect the state’s scenic beauty, or cause more problems than it solves?
CEQA: The Surprising Story of CA’s Key Environmental Law

The California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, is both the state’s signature environmental legislation, and is also often named as the villain in the state’s housing shortage. But the story may not be that simple.

Image caption: Zoning laws tell you what you can and can't build on the property you own. How does government get away with that?
How Zoning Laws Shape California and Society

Zoning laws determine what can be built and where. These laws have shaped California, but are they really just tools for social engineering? The history of zoning is closely tied to racial segregation, as well as the state's shortage of …

Image caption: Owning homes is the primary way the middle class builds wealth, and an option no longer available to most Californians.
Is California’s Housing Crisis Making Inequality Worse?

California has some of the worst economic inequality in the United States. Is the housing crisis a cause?

Image caption: Thousands of homeowners have been kicked off their fire insurance policies.
California Fire Insurance Crisis: How the State Helps Homeowners

As California insurance companies have revoked the fire policies of thousands of homeowners, the state has taken steps to get them covered again.

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Taking advantage of new state funds, some California healthcare providers are starting to offer what their homeless patients really need: housing.

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A push to bolster housing production in California's coastal communities in recent years has led to heated battles over potential state reforms. Below, a veteran elected official believes the debate has created a false choice between housing and protections. The opposing view: A former attorney for the Coastal Commission says the state Coastal Act has failed to deliver on what it envisioned.

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Image for display with article titled Best Neighborhoods in Santa Clara County

Interested in moving to the tech capital of the world? Santa Clara County is in the heart of Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the tech industry.

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On June 19, California YIMBY announced support for the California Forever project going to the Solano County ballot in November.

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A recent court ruling exempted five charter cities from a controversial housing law. That’s given anti-density advocates across California an idea.

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Tens of thousands of California homeowners, especially those who live in areas at risk of wildfires, have lost their insurance or have to pay more to keep coverage. One after another, major companies have pulled out of the state, many citing the cost of claims.

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On June 11, Solano County elections officials announced the verification of necessary signatures for the California Forever sponsored initiative to amend the county General Plan to be on the November ballot.

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On June 6, the Solano Land Trust announced its opposition to the California Forever project to build a new community housing up to 400,000 people in the county.

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A panel at the CalMatters Ideas Festival debates how to reduce homelessness without punishing poverty. There’s worry about a potential $1 billion cut in state funding.

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These community projects can give renters and low-income homeowners a chance to go solar, but the PUC’s action is unlikely to give them the option.

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Image for display with article titled Hollister Releases Revised Draft Housing Element

The City of Hollister has released the Revised 2023-2031 Housing Element Draft available for public review May 21-28, 2024.

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Image for display with article titled SB County Housing Element Out for Public Review

San Benito County has released its draft of the 2023-31 housing element and is seeking input from county residents during the month-long public review period.

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Image for display with article titled Despite Frustrations, County on Track to Meet Housing Needs

While San Benito County is on track to meet the state’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation, county officials are concerned about housing issues and lack of infrastructure.

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Image for display with article titled Updated: The California Exodus: How the Housing Crisis Weakens the State Politically

Unless California solves its housing crisis, the state will lose more congressional seats and could shift the political alignment of the whole country

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In response to new housing developments, the Hollister School District is reconfiguring area schools to serve a shifting population.

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An apartment complex of several buildings with a total 132 units is being proposed for a 3.8-acre site at Fourth Street and Graf Road in Hollister.

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Image for display with article titled Nonprofits Collaborate on Transitional Housing Project

A new project in Hollister will provide transitional homes for residents and families who are struggling with homelessness or other housing insecurity, according to the project developer.

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Tenants in many new privately owned, low-income units will be protected from double-digit increases. So will some in existing units, after a state committee on affordable housing imposed a rent cap.

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The Hollister Planning Commission approved a one year permit extension for a 100-unit residential project on Buena Vista Road during its March 28 meeting.
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