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Image caption: In what appears to be a power play that worked, a developer proposed building 14 residential highrises with a combined 4,260 units in Santa Monica.
How California Developers Twist Affordable Housing Laws

A new interpretation of an old law gives homebuilders leverage over California cities and their zoning codes. They’re using it to push through thousands of new apartments around the state.

‘Godzilla next door’: How California developers gained new leverage to build more homes

A new interpretation of an old law gives homebuilders leverage over California cities and their zoning codes. They’re using it to push through thousands of new apartments around the state.

Plan to overhaul mental health system gives California families a glimmer of hope

California families that have long sought sweeping reforms to the state's mental health care system are feeling hopeful about Gov. Gavin Newsom's plan to pursue a bond measure and update the Mental Health Services Act.

The new payday loans? California moves to regulate cash advance apps

In May, a video featuring a young woman named Brooklyn in heart-shaped glasses implored viewers to tell the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation how important a company named EarnIn was to their day-to-day life. EarnIn is part of …

CA, US on collision course on welfare work requirement

President Biden signed on Saturday a last-ditch bill to raise the national debt limit that includes Republican-forced provisions for stricter work requirements on welfare recipients. But California is headed in the opposite direction. And that could lead to the state …

The one big flaw in California’s local redistricting reforms

The state Assembly has passed legislation to require large cities, counties and school districts to use independent commissions to redraw districts for their governing boards, but the measure exempts five major counties.

Newsom’s expansive health care promises to Californians remain elusive

Five years ago, Gavin Newsom pledged support for a single-payer health care system but has since backed away. Even the universal coverage he now advocates for has become elusive goal.

Image caption: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield voted to toughen welfare work requirements, while state lawmakers back home chose another tack.
CA May Loosen Welfare Work Rules as US Tightens Them

State lawmakers want to loosen CalWORKs job requirements so people keep cash benefits. Congress’ debt limit deal could curb that.

Welfare: As US tightens work rules, California considers loosening them

State lawmakers want to loosen CalWORKs job requirements so people keep cash benefits. Congress’ debt limit deal could curb that.

California’s digital privacy battle: It’s police vs. civil libertarians, with an abortion twist

California is considering banning the use of "reverse search warrants," which compel tech companies to disclose the identities of individuals based on the location of their phone and internet search history. Abortion activists call it vital.

California attorney general should resolve lagging police cases before pursuing bid for governor

The California Justice Department is struggling to complete dozens of investigations into police shootings required under a 2020 law. A mother of one victim questions the intent of the law and what Bonta's handling of it means for his rumored …

Taking a pass on college? California apprenticeships offer another path

What should I do if college isn’t for me? We tackle that question in this installment of our ‘Ask CJN’ column, in which student journalists answer readers’ questions about California higher education. One option for those eschewing college: apprenticeships, which …

CA Legislature beats deadline on key bills

Today’s the deadline for bills to pass their first house in the California Legislature. The vast majority made it. A few failed. And a handful of intriguing bills that didn’t pass may resurface because their authors aren’t giving up. Police …

Las universidades privadas de California temen una prohibición a la Acción Afirmativa. La Corte Suprema está a punto de dictaminar sobre el caso

EN RESUMEN Dado que se espera que una Corte Suprema conservadora falle este verano a favor de terminar o restringir la Acción Afirmativa en las admisiones universitarias, las universidades privadas de California están preocupadas por el impacto potencial que tendría …

Are the jobs created by the Inland Empire warehouse boom built to last?

The main justification for the explosion of warehouses in the Inland Empire has been their economic benefits, primarily around job creation. But the wages they provide barely keep people out of poverty, and this work may soon disappear altogether because …

Tourism workers seek $25 minimum wage before Olympics, World Cup in Los Angeles

An L.A. City Councilmember proposes upping the minimum wage for airport and hotel workers to $25 an hour and raising it each year until it reaches $30 in 2028. Businesses are balking.

California private colleges fear affirmative action ban as Supreme Court prepares to rule

With a conservative Supreme Court expected to rule this summer in favor of ending or restricting affirmative action in college admissions, California’s private universities are worried about the potential impact on campus diversity. College administrators are revamping admissions and doing …

Which CA bills will beat the deadline?

The end-of-week deadline to pass bills in their house of origin is only one day away, so legislators have been busy advancing a litany of measures. On Wednesday alone, the Assembly passed 242 measures and the Senate passed 59, after …

Image caption: California ranks seventh in wind power, with 3.5 percent of all U.S. wind energy produced here.
California Inches Toward Renewable Energy Goal

Renewable energy sources provided 37 percent of California electricity in 2021, a new record for the state as it moves toward its 2045 goal of 100 percent clean energy. Battery storage will play a huge role in reaching that goal.

California to send $95 million to undocumented flooding victims – months after promising ‘rapid response’

Gov. Gavin Newsom in March said state relief would soon help flood victims who don’t qualify for federal emergency relief. The state has yet to name nonprofits that will dole out the aid.

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