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Fake labels, exclusive shoes and hijacked packages: How the LAPD cracked a 'sophisticated' Nike theft ring

Los Angeles police are investigating suspects who allegedly swiped millions of dollars worth of sneakers in an elaborate scheme that stretched from a Nike distribution hub in Tennessee to a swanky Hollywood apartment building.

Column: If California wants to solve homelessness, it'll have to support reparations

Can we really trace the problems of Black homelessness and poverty back to slavery? A UCSF study says yes, and it's time we listen.

In Hollywood, homeless encampments fuel neighborhood frustration with Bass and Raman

At least four encampment fires have broken out in a part of Hollywood where Mayor Karen Bass conducted her first Inside Safe operation. Some in the area are on edge.

Some experts worry California wildlife could be vulnerable to an avian flu 'apocalypse'

What is driving the unprecedented spread of avian flu?

California lawmakers can't take lobbyist donations — unless they're running for Congress

State legislators running for Congress this year are taking campaign donations from lobbyists who are forbidden from giving to their state legislative campaigns.

Authorities name mother's boyfriend as person of interest in slaying of 3-year-old boy

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Rena Naulls, the mother's live-in boyfriend, is 'a person of interest' in the murder of toddler David Hernandez.

Her sons were killed by Rebecca Grossman. Mother fought for justice, sees God's will in guilty verdict

For Nancy Iskander, the conviction of Rebecca Grossman in the killing of her two young sons was a moment of satisfaction and grief.

Voting centers open in L.A. County and across California before primary election

With less than two weeks before the March 5 California primary, vote centers opened across the state Saturday to let voters cast their ballots early.

LAUSD candidate under district investigation, removed from school counseling job during probe

The investigation was launched after a civil lawsuit was filed alleging candidate Graciela Ortiz and a political ally are liable for the actions of a campaign worker, who pleaded no contest to sexual misconduct with an underage volunteer.

Dodger Dog's plight highlights L.A.'s animal shelter crisis

For many volunteers who clean up after animals in L.A.'s shelters and who take the dogs out for walks, there is a sense that the city's shelter system will break down unless something changes.

The latest unfounded conspiracy theory: Cloud seeding is to blame for California's storms and flooding

Conspiracy-peddling accounts on social media have blamed a regional water agency, and cloud seeding, for California's recent spate of storms

'Very aggressive treatment' on the streets of Skid Row from a renegade M.D.

By administering long-acting antipsychotic medication, Dr. Susan Partovi is pushing boundaries in her efforts to help people who are homeless and struggling with mental illness.

Ads were supposed to make Gascón's challengers stand out. So why do they all look the same?

The race to replace L.A. County's district attorney features 11 challengers, more than $6 million in contributions, and one familiar script for ads for the March 5 primary.

One injured after hydrogen peroxide hose bursts at Chiquita Canyon landfill

A hydrogen peroxide line at the Chiquita Canyon landfill in Castaic burst, injuring one person Friday evening, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Critical race theory ban at Temecula Valley Unified stands for now, judge rules

A judge denied a request from parents and others for a preliminary injunction that would have blocked the district's policy prohibiting teaching critical race theory.

Central Coast ranch that is home to endangered species to be preserved

California's Wildlife Conservation Board voted last week to grant more than $10 million to protect a 27,000-acre cattle ranch on the the Central Coast.

State files 140 charges against SoCal woman accused of running crime ring

The woman allegedly oversaw the theft of products from stores in 21 counties.

Rebecca Grossman guilty of murder in killing of two young brothers

A jury on Friday found Rebecca Grossman guilty of murder in the killing of two young brothers who were crossing a street in Westlake Village when her speeding Mercedes hit them in 2020.

'Shivers-down-your-spine' avalanche spawns 60-foot walls of snow on Mt. Shasta

Visitors to Mt. Shasta are advised to be aware of the continued risk of avalanches in higher-elevation areas days after the peak was rocked by a slide that spawned 60-foot snow walls.

Temecula Valley Unified can continue enforcing transgender policy, CRT ban

The Temecula Valley Unified School District will be allowed to enforce its transgender notification policy and ban on Critical Race Theory as litigation moves forward.

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