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Image caption: San Francisco has seen an 85 percent jump in new COVID cases over the past week.
COVID Cases Show Alarming Rise in Bay Area, Sacramento and Other Counties

The delta variant and often lagging vaccination rates are putting California in new danger from COVID-19.

Image caption: A raging Oregon wildfire is bearing down on one of California's main power transmission routes.
Water, Energy Cutbacks Urged as Emergencies Mount

As fire, heat waves and drought threaten the state’s water and power supplies, the governor calls for consumers to cut back on use.

Image caption: California homeowners are fighting to get back cancelled fire insurance policies.
Insurers Still Fail to Reinstate Fire Policies

Homeowners whose fire insurance policies were not renewed remain frustrated in their fight to get them back.

Image caption: PG&E wants a new, 18 percent rate hike over five years starting in 2023.
PG&E Wants New Rate Hike For Fire Prevention

Pacific Gas & Electric is asking customers to pay more for protection from wildfires caused by PG&E.

Image caption: With cases doubling within a 10-day period in the state, Governor Gavin Newsom decided it was time to take drastic action.
Winter Spike Hits Sacramento Area

While several counties were seeing a dip in COVID-19 cases and looked poised to continue reopening, colder weather changed their future.

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