San Joaquin County Local News: Seniors

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In a display of community support, the Tracy Senior Association created an initiative aimed at assisting low-income seniors to remain within the comfort and safety of home.

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To qualify for Leqembi, patients must undergo a PET scan that looks for amyloid plaques, the protein clumps that clog the brains of many Alzheimer’s patients.

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Older adults make up the fastest-growing share of California’s homeless population. To meet their needs locally, Sacramento County opened Nottoli Place, a small shelter for adults ages 60 and up.

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Every day, thousands of older Californians can’t afford to stock their pantries. State data reveal that two-thirds of eligible Californians over age 60 do not participate in CalFresh, the state’s food stamp program, even though they qualify.

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There are new tools and technologies being developed to address both physical and mental health for seniors. Dr. Reetu Sharma is one of many innovators in the Capital Region determined to help people feel stronger while living longer.