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Agriculture is the largest industry in San Joaquin County, and the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation advocates for the farming community. The Farm Bureau represents more than 4,000 families.

Founded in 1914, the Farm Bureau is more than 100 years old. The Farm Bureau works closely with the University of California Extension and farmers, sharing the fruits of its research with farmers. UC Extension’s farm advisers conduct field trials in different parts of California, and by working with these advisers, the Farm Bureau can share valuable research findings with local farmers. The information can be useful in the maintenance of water, land use, and upkeep of crops and other agriculture-produced foods.

Members are grouped into Farm Centers based on their location to provide targeted support and to ensure representation of the local communities in San Joaquin County.

Some of the ways in which the Farm Bureau serves members include education, scholarships, and regulatory and legislative outreach. The staff and board of directors often have food events to help fundraise for the organization. One program helps farmers in more rural areas by keeping them updated on changing laws and regulations. People who join the organization get training seminars on avoiding heat illness, CPR and first aid, hazardous materials transport, and more.

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